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10 Ways to Prevent Your Bartender/Server from Going Insane this Christmas

So this is Christmas. And what have we learned?

Bro Tips His Waiter and Waitresses $200 and Their Reactions Are Priceless

OK, Stuart Edge. You've redeemed yourself for that creepy video last week. Anyone who's ever busted their ass off in the service industry can appreciate

The Heartbreaking Story Of a Bartender Who Received a $200,000 Tip

I'm going to just go ahead spoil this for you now, just in case you came into the post thinking it was going to open

A Bartender’s Guide To Meeting Girls In Bars

While you were spitting game at the bar the other night, talking about,how much you love House of Cards to some PR agency intern you

5 Reasons Everyone Should Work in the Service Industry at Least Once In Their Life

Ah, May. My Facebook has been flooded for the last two weeks about finals. Graduations have all come and gone and