This Is How Bartenders Can Tell When You’re On A Tinder Date

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No matter what restaurant you walk into the staff will probably gossip about you at least once during your ~45 minute visit.


Why Every Bar Employee Is A Dirty Hypocrite


Whether we love it or hate it, most of us spend a lot of time out at the bars which means that bar employees get a front row seat to watch customers get excessively drunk and put on their best (or worst, depending on who is judging) Jordan Belfort persona.


6 Reasons Why Guys Love Female Bartenders


Bartenders do more good for the world than the UN.

what does a bartender do

11 things people don’t understand about being a bartender


There are many misconceptions about the wide world of bartending, so keep the following ideas in mind next time you step up to the bar and your bartender will be much happier to enable your partying.

kinds of bartenders

These are the 19 types of bartenders


There is a blizzard worth of unique, drink-making snowflakes waiting patiently to take your order/gratuity.


The Heartbreaking Story Of a Bartender Who Received a $200,000 Tip


I'm going to just go ahead spoil this for you now, just in case you came into the post thinking it was going to open up the waterworks: It's only heartbreaking because the credit card company refused to process.


10 Customers Every New York City Bartender Encounters (And Probably Hates)


So apparently, the last article I wrote about bartending stirred a little discussion across the interwebs.


The Future Is Now: Check Out This Crazy Robot Bartender


Hey bartenders: Here's a machine that's going to put your profession out of business.

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