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What Girls Look For When They Want to Use a Guy For Drinks

Manipulative dames.

6 Signs You’ve Outgrown a Bar

I will beat this dead horse. I will beat this dead horse until it’s nothing but a tender pulp ready to meatballed into delicious treats

Some Pervy Hick Ruined The ‘Eager Beaver Bar’ Lingerie Nights By Trying To Kidnap A Panty-Poppin’ Bartender

Really. It's actually named "Eager Beaver Bar."

This Chart Accurately Depicts What Everyone Does When They Can’t Hear What Someone Said to Them At a Bar

At this point, people sound like adults in Charlie Brown's life to me.

Tips For Being the Only Black Guy or White Guy at a Bar

It can get a little awk.

Sign In Texas Bar Reads ‘I Like My Beer Like I Like My Violence: Domestic’

This isn't the 60s, folk. Your witty domestic violence jokes have no place in this America.

A Bro’s Guide to Dancing

If you must.

The 5 Bars You’ll Visit in Your 20s

Sometimes you want to go... Where everybody knows your name (...and isn't also a tremendous douchebag).

How to Avoid 5 Common Mistakes That Ruin a Night Out

It's a jungle out there.

The 7 Crucial Differences Between College Bars and Non-College Bars

1. Overheard Conversations College Bar: At college bars there’s a lot of talk about exams, that brutally early 9 a.m. […]

10 Things You Should Never Do At a Bar, by Your Bartender

Bars and pubs are the schoolyard recesses of the adult world. They’re where everyone goes to hang out, where friends […]

What if Guys and Girls Changed Roles at the Bar?

The Flip Side’s bread and butter is  role reversal. In this video they ask “What if Guys and Girls Changed […]

A Bar in D.C. Is Throwing a ‘Yoga Pants Party’

And it's about as... well, I don't know what it is. Wrong? Okay? It could be anything. 

Naked Man Walks Into A Bar With A Bag Of Sex Toys, Asks, ‘What’s The Problem?’

This is the start of a joke. 

MIT Engineering Bro Shows Us How to Build an Awesome DIY Bar for Your Fraternity

Back in September an incredible dunk-proof beer pong table for MIT's Phi Beta Epsilon. The project was designed by a mechanical engineer Bro who's making a name for himself

Hilarious Video ‘Hipsters Ordering Craft Beer’ Will Make You Hate Hipsters… Even More

Fuck hipsters. 

Today in More Great Science News, Going to Bars Is Good For You

Earlier this week, SCIENCE™ brought us the wonderful news that marijuana can help protect your liver from being damaged by alcohol.

4 Bars That Absolutely Should Exist

I enjoy drinking like Dr. Seuss enjoyed wordplay. I can drink at my house, drink classy wine to find a spouse, drink and wake up

10 Reasons Why New Year’s Eve is the Worst Bar Night of the Year

It happens every year: starting in early December the texts start trickling in: "Yo, what are you doing for New Year's Eve?" I shiver with

Eskimo Bros Name Bar After Their Mutual Ex-Girlfriend; Ex-GF Surprisingly Cool With It

Ah, the Eskimo Brother family tree. It's how you get things done. Like find a partner for a bar. And its name, too.

Jon Taffer Explains Why He Yells So Much

Well, sorta. It's a clip from Stress Test in the recent Tennessee Mt. Bottle episode. We just haven't had enough Jon Taffer in our lives here at

Remember That Brutal Beatdown At Dirty Blondes In Florida? Turns Out The Bouncers Were Just Arrested

Following the video of the brawl at Dirty Blondes in Ft. Lauderdale going viral last week, the two bouncers involved in the assault have been

3 Keys to Getting Served in a Crowded Bar

It's 11:30 pm and you just got a text from that girl you met at the undie run a while back

15 Hilarious ‘You’ve Been Cut Off’ Drunk Stories… What’s Yours?

If you like to drink, chances are high you've either been cut off from a bar or witnessed someone get cut off from a bar.

A Bartender’s Guide To Meeting Girls In Bars

While you were spitting game at the bar the other night, talking about,how much you love House of Cards to some PR agency intern you

4 Keys To Trivia Night Domination

If your team can't run the show at Trivia night every Wednesday, what do you even have left in life?

8 Best Bars In New York City For Bros

New York is a city of lushes. The bars don’t officially close until 4am and the after parties go until 8am. As of 2012, there

7 Ways to Have a Drunk Night Out While Spending Almost No Money

Nothing drains your already sadly low bank account like a night out on the town.  Drinking, our favorite past time, has always kept us uncomfortably

16 Bars We Wish Were Real

A guy can only dream. I have to be honest and tell you that there are a select few bars on this list that I’ve

A Fat Girl Does Some Serious Cock-Blocking, Plus Bros Leave Their Spring Break Room Covered in DNA

Submit your Hook Up Heroes stories here. 

The Six Bros You Bring to the Bar

As the immortal Dom Mazzetti says, when you go out you want to be rolling deep. Walking into a bar with double digits tells everyone

The 4 Types of Bar: A Survival Guide

I like bars, and I think I know why: I like drinking. I find that if I drink enough, I get a buzz, and if

Going Ugly Early for the Week 13 NFL Picks

“Go Ugly Early” is the official slogan of Harry’s Chocolate Shop, Purdue’s #1 alumni bar, but it might as well be the new slogan for

The 7 Idiots You Saw At the Bar During Thanksgiving Weekend

Guys across America used this weekend to try and bang out their old high school crushes and avoid any awkward small talk about college with

50 Photos From Our Tailgate at Notre Dame-Michigan

I honestly don’t know what to write about Notre Dame. In my 23 years, I have yet to experience a day as f*cking hectic, aweful,

28 Photos From Our Party Stop at Waldo’s Campus Tavern at WMU

On Thursday the Brobible Tailgate Tour pulled into the Zoo to party Western Michigan style. Thanks to Bruce and the Waldo’s Campus Tavern staff for

The 100 Best College Bars for Bros

Where do collegiate Bros rage the hardest? We delved, we blacked out, we ranked.

Bouncer Knocks Drunk Dude Out Cold Outside of a North Carolina Bar

Booze makes you do some stupid ass sh*t. Like thinking you could take a bouncer twice your size, or foolishly not using a condom and

How to Casually Drink Like a Boss

Let’s face it: Casual drinking is the equivalent to a cheeseburger without cheese -- there is no point in partaking in such an activity if

The 10 Girls You’ll Meet At Every Post-College Bar

Post-College Bar (n): A late-night establishment located in a major city, where 21-24 year olds congregate and do the exact same thing they did two