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Obama Protester Attacks Chicago Reporter on Live Television, Gets Put in His Place

Breaking: Your bones.

The Boston Red Sox Will Give Barack Obama the Most American Blazer Ever Created

Very professional.

Kobe Bryant Continues to Troll the Lakers, Says Barack Obama Could Play on This Year’s Team

Kobe... again... Being Kobe.

Between Two Ferns: Zach Galifianakis Lands Barack Obama as a Guest, Pulls No Punches

Well, it looks like we've waited all this time for a new episode of Between Two Ferns just to get Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Tries to Spell ‘Respect’ at Aretha Franklin Tribute, Almost Succeeds

Just like Ben Affleck and James Franco's SAT scores, this was "near-perfect."

Death Ray Gun-Totting Klan Members Team Up With Barack Obama to Stop Aliens in Stephen Colbert’s ‘Laser Klan’

Sorry for the wordy headline, but it’s the only way to accurately describe what occurs in the video below. The [...]

President Obama and Vice President Biden Made a Terrible Fitness Awareness Video, Are Probably Chugging Vodka at the End

Just about the worst fitness awareness video ever made.

Lucky Barack Obama Is Probably Watching ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Four as We Speak

The federal government is closed today in honor of President’s Day, which means if you are a government employee, you [...]

A State of the Union Drinking Game That Doesn’t Fucking Suck

Tonight is Barack Obama's (sixth?) State of the Union address, a speech wherein he will delinate for our nation a grandiose plan that refuses to take

A State of the Union Drinking Game That Doesn’t Fucking Suck

Tonight is Barack Obama's (sixth?) State of the Union address, a speech wherein he will delinate for our nation a grandiose plan that refuses to take

President Obama Watches Better TV Than You Do

I've always been fascinated by what presidents did during their down time. John Quincy Adams streaked. Lyndon Johnson drove golf carts drunk. George Washington

Bro Idol Bill Clinton Says ‘Obama is Luckier Than A Dog With Two Dicks’

Is that a lucky thing? I think it would be more of an inconvenience than anything. But who am I to doubt Bill Clinton?

Bob Woodward Says Obama’s Sobriety Harmed Government

Washington's most well-known journalist said current partisan tensions could have been eased if Barack Obama had just had a freakin' smoke. 

Watch President Obama Yell At Himself After Making a Terrible Golf Shot

The President of the United States is just like you when you botch a shot on the golf course. 

Here’s a Kid Praying To Barack Obama

This is presented with nary a comment because you’ll probably have more than one.

Obama’s Prom Photos Are Amazing

The year was 1979. The place, Hawaii. And young Barry Obama—well, Obama was about to get lei'd. 

Barack Obama Just Cannot Keep Himself Out of ‘This Week in Unnecessary Censorship’ Videos

I don't know if anyone, who hasn't died, is having a worse month. 

Little Kid Prematurely Ruined by Bipartisanship Refuses to Give President Barack Obama a High-Five

This little guy is wearing sunglasses because his future at Fox News is so bright. Watch him stonewall the leader of the free world on

A Bro Asks People on the Street About the Size of Barack Obama’s Penis

Here we are in the fifth year of Barack Obama’s presidency and we still don’t have any firm answers regarding the general size of his

Now Watch President Obama’s Speech at 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Now that you've watched Conan O’Brien’s speech at the 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, it's time for the main event, President Obama's humorous, informal

Watch Conan O’Brien’s Speech at the 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Fun fact: Conan O'Brien hosted the White House Correspondents Dinner a.k.a. #nerdprom in 1995. Man, was he young at the time! Last year fellow late night

Steven Spielberg’s ‘Obama,’ A Parody of ‘Lincoln’ Method Actor Daniel Day-Lewis

One of the highlights of last night's White House Correspondents Dinner a.k.a. #nerdprom was this short video. Set up a spoof of Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln,"

Barack Obama Goes a Maddening 2 for 22 Shooting Around During White House’s Easter Celebration

Dude is bricking layups, firing air balls, just making a complete mockery of himself, while only oxygen plays defense on him. He made only 2

Barack Obama’s Bracket Actually Has a Few Upsets

Yet again, Barack Obama has put leading the free world on hold so he can fill out an NCAA tournament bracket. Just kidding.

LeBron James Called Barack Obama ‘Coach’

President Barack Obama is sort of like America’s coach, so LeBron James shouldn’t feel too bad.

President Obama Goes Skeet Shooting ‘All the Time,’ Questions If He’d Let a Son Play Football

Must-read interview in The New Republic, where the newly-inaugurated President Obama discusses the pressing issues his second term. Gun control is discussed at

Here’s a Bad Lip-Reading of the Inauguration

How long do you think Barack Obama could just say gibberish like this before someone stepped in and took the microphone from him? My guess

Jon Stewart Points Out the Funniest Moments of the Inauguration

Jon Stewart has some issues with the way mainstream media covers news. That’s no secret.

James Franco Wants to Read You a Poem About Barack Obama

Look, we don’t want to cast dispersions on poetry as a whole. It’s a beautiful way to express complicated emotions. It’s just that James Franco’s

President Obama Wins Time’s Person of the Year, Snubbing Kim Jong-un

BroBible Satellite Office, Pyongyang, Real Korea — Time Magazine has angered the great Red masses for the last time. After the people spoke out with

Here’s a Petition Begging for Barack Obama to Remove Jerry Jones as Head of the Dallas Cowboys

I signed it, so it’s only a matter of time until old Barry O. drops the Hammer of Thor on the Dallas franchise.

‘Homeland’s’ Damian Lewis Signed Box Set for Obama, ‘From One Muslim to Another’

That headline might be a little too sensationalist (JUST A LITTLE), but "Homeland's" Damian Lewis, who plays Nick Brody, did actually once sign a "Homeland"

10 Things to Do If Your Candidate Lost the Presidential Election

So last night may not have gone well for you if you voted for Mitt Romney. And today, you may still be sitting there in

‘America’s a Quick Drunk and an Easy Lay’: Stephen Colbert Responds to the Election Results

Well, the election is over. I have no idea what the results will mean for our country over the next clip of time, but I

A Jubilant Barack Obama Raps MC Hammer’s ‘U Can’t Touch This’

Americans took to the polls in droves yesterday and sent a resounding message: They want to see four more years of Barack Obama singing popular

The Final, Hilarious Bad Lip Reading of Obama and Romney Should Be the End to the 2012 Campaign

Bad Lip Reading delivered some of the funniest political videos of the year. And while you could be filling your head with election results starting

This Voting Machine in Pennsylvania Won’t Let You Vote for Barack Obama

Allegedly! As spotted at the tippy-top of Reddit today. Real? Fake? We'll see... Anyone else have voting issues today? Let us know in the

Presenting the Most Extreme Political Ad of the Year

It’s 2012 and our attention spans have never been shorter. This is the obvious byproduct: A political ad so fragmented that it makes zero sense

Watch Jay-Z Perform ‘99 Problems But Mitt Ain’t One’

Well, Fox News should have a field day with this one.

You Can Probably Guess Who Mr. Burns is Endorsing for President

It seems every celebrity is rushing to make their presidential endorsement. For the most part, we ignore these because, honestly, who cares who Paris Hilton