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President Obama Took Over ‘The Colbert Report’ And Delivered ‘The Word’ As Stephen Colbert


You may not agree with Barry O's politics or policy's or golf habit or baggy dad jeans, but the guy is willing to make fun of himself.

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‘This Week In Unnecessary Censorship’ Is Just A Carnival Of Innuendo


President Obama (again), Bill O’Reilly, Brad Paisley, Judge Judy, Matt Lauer, Donald Trump and more suddenly turn potty-mouthed with a little help from Jimmy Kimmel and his weekly trip to the world of unnecessary censorship.

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Obama Remixed With ‘Shake It Off’ Is The Best Thing To Come Out Of The Election


No matter how you feel about the outcomes of the various elections held all over the country one thing we can all stand united on is that this Tonight Show remix of Barack Obama telling people to "vote, vote, vote" with Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" is something good for the whole country.


Barack Obama Responds To Michael Jordan Calling Him A ‘Shitty Golfer,’ Seems Pretty Butt Hurt

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Last week, His Airness, Michael Jordan, was asked by Ahmad Rashad to name his dream foursome.


President BrObama Took His Shirt Off In The Water And Now Hawaii Might Name A Beach After Him


Is there anything or anywhere Obama won't keep his grubby paws off of.

unnecessary censorship

President Obama Isn’t Even Safe From Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Unnecessary Censorship’


In their weekly tribute to the FCC where they bleep and blur things whether they need it or not, Jimmy Kimmel Live lays waste to President Obama, Kenny Chesney, Barney and more, with the usual hilarious results.

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Jon Stewart Politely Suggests The Secret Service Should Do A Better Job


Look, I enjoy Jon Stewart as much as the next guy, but he tends to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

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