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10 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Eve Is the Best Bar Night of the Year

Wednesday night isn't just Thanksgiving Eve, it is also one of the most anticipated and celebrated bar nights of the entire year. But


This Is How to Tell Your Parents You Failed the Bar Exam

The July, 2013 bar exam is around a week and a half away. The 70% of law school grads who will pass the test have

Watch a Couple of Bros Get Pranked by an 1860s Bar

Two guys walk into a bar and are greeted by a scene straight out of Abraham Lincoln's presidency. This is a well-done prank.


The 16 Biggest Bar Tabs in Bro History

Have you ever had to pick up the tab after a long night of binge drinking with a few buddies from


6 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Bar is Amazing

Want to win a $100,000 that you could use towards the bar of your dreams? Click here and enter the new TBS show Sullivan


The Flip Side Bar: Where Men Are Women And Women Are Men

What would happen if men and women swapped traditional roles during a night out partying? This video tackles that timeless question. In this


2011 BroBible Holiday Wish List: 16 Items for a Bro’s Man Cave

Figuring out what you want for Christmas or Hanukkah or Festivus or whatever the hell you celebrate is a pain in the ass. Today


Watch Shia LaBeouf Get Knocked The F*ck to the Ground In a Vancouver Bar Fight

Over the weekend, Shia LaBeouf did a little bar-hopping in Vancouver, where he's filming a political thriller called "The Company You Keep." Reports

Watch Jay-Z Drop $250,000 on Champagne at Miami’s Club LIV During a Party for ‘Watch the Throne’

Back in June, after the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Championship in Miami, Mark Cuban took the team over to the Fontainebleau Hotel's


Proof That Alcohol Consumption Has Zero Correlation With Your Handwriting

We've all seen the examples of what happens when you drink too much booze: you pass out in the wrong place only to wake up

The Boston Bruins’ Celebration At Foxwoods Results in a $156K Tab

The Boston Bruins were not to be outdone. Especially not by the likes of Mark Cuban. The team took their talents to Foxwoods Resort Casino


This Is What the Receipt for a $189,375 Night on the Town in Vegas Looks Like

Here's the blingtastic bill from a wild night in the Wynn hotel's Tryst nightclub. The waitstaff member who


Partying at SantaCon This Weekend? Send Us Your Photos and Videos!

SantaCon 2010

Thousands of people dressed as Santa Claus will drunkenly parade around New York City this Saturday as part of the epic


The 13 Best Beer Bars in New York

Editor's Note: This is the first story in a new series of features that explore the

Larry Johnson’s $2290 Bar Tab From the Night He Allegedly Spit in a Woman’s Face

On October 10, 2008, running back Larry Johnson got into