penis graffiti

Civil Superhero Named ‘Wanksy’ Is Forcing Government To Fix Potholes By Painting Penises On Them


Sure Banksy has a wonderful agenda to bring about social change to deplorable conditions around the globe, but does it really lend a voice to the regular Joe eking out an existence.

weird news

The best of Banksy animated into incredible GIFs


Photoshop 'wizard' ABVH out of Serbia has taken some of the recently highlighted works of Banksy and transformed them into absolutely incredible and hypnotizing animated GIFs on his Tumblr.

one world trade center

Banksy: One World Trade Center’s Design Proves the Terrorists Won


Banksy is spending a month in New York but clearly doesn’t care about making his time here comfortable.


This elephant might be the biggest new artist since Banksy


Who needs experiential stunt art when you've got an elephant working a canvas like a champ.


Has Banksy Been Discovered?


After a weekend spent selling his five-figure art for $60 a pop at Central Park and crafting this 9/11 tribute in TriBeCa, the ever-elusive graffiti artist Banksy may have finally been photographed.

street art

Famed Street Artist Banksy Pranked the Hell Out of New York This Weekend


Banksy is in New York this month for an artist's residency called "Better Out Than In.


5 Famous Banksy Graffiti Artworks, Now as Animated GIFs


We don't post a ton of what you would call "art" on the site, but Banksy should always be an exception.


VIDEO: Banksy’s “Simpsons” opening is dark, entertaining

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Renowned graffiti/performance artist Banksy directed the "couch scene" on last night's episode of The Simpsons and it's getting all sorts of attention for being ridiculously dark but visually stunning.

The Simpsons

VIDEO: Banksy Paints Dark, Exploitative Picture of ‘The Simpsons’ and Fox in Opening Credits


British graffiti artist Banksy was apparently given free reign over the opening credits and "couch gag" of "The Simpsons" tonight, and boy did he go to town.

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