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The best of Banksy animated into incredible GIFs


Photoshop 'wizard' ABVH out of Serbia has taken some of the recently highlighted works of Banksy and transformed them into absolutely incredible and hypnotizing animated GIFs on his Tumblr.

Banksy GIFs

Banksy Art Turned To GIFs is Mesmorizing


A couple of folks over at My Morning Met and Beautiful Decay are gif-ifying (that's a word) Banksy art and the results are awesome.

street art

Famed Street Artist Banksy Pranked the Hell Out of New York This Weekend


Banksy is in New York this month for an artist's residency called "Better Out Than In.


5 Famous Banksy Graffiti Artworks, Now as Animated GIFs


We don't post a ton of what you would call "art" on the site, but Banksy should always be an exception.

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