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LeBron James Dunked, Then Bled All Over the Place from His Face

LeBron James continued his year-long Festivus feats of strength last night against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Midway through the fourth […]

Man Does Horrible Impression on Jeopardy, Alex Trebek Tells Him to STFU

This impression sucks. If you are gonna go on Jeopardy and try and show off, that's your prerogative. But don't try to mimic Bane when

‘Bane Outtakes’ Parody Gives Us the Amazing Bane Rap Freestyle that Gotham Deserves

Weirdly brilliant and surprisingly out-there for a parody short, Auralnauts' "Bane Outtakes" starts slow but, trust us, gets much better as the seven minutes passes.

The Dark Knight and ‘60’s Robin Team Up to Fight Bane

Today's Batman is a far cry from the version that aired on television in the 1960s. This clever skit illustrates that well, when Christian Bale's