nickelback sucks

This List Shows You How Much It Costs to Book America’s Biggest Music Acts…and Nickelback


I fully realize that I could have just not included that Nickelback dig in the headline, but any opportunity to shit on Nickelback is an opportunity I'm going to take.


CHART: What Is the Most Popular Band in Your State?


This chart, via Paul Lemere's blog Music Machinery shows the most listened to band for every state in America.

Van Halen

9 legendary bands that hated each other


Bands that hate each other are as part of the fabric of rock and roll as sex, drugs and having copious amounts of sex while on copious amounts of drugs.

Michigan State

Cornell Band Mocks Michigan By Playing Michigan State Fight Song


The Cornell band took an opportunity to troll Michigan during last night’s NCAA hockey tournament by playing Michigan State’s fight song.

pearl jam twenty

‘Pearl Jam Twenty’ a New Documentary From Cameron Crowe


Pearl Jam's footprint on the grunge scene of the 1990's is undeniable.

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