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That Ex-NFL Cheerleader Who Had Sex With A 15-Year-Old Was Set Up With Him By Her Teenage Son


Molly Shattuck, the ex-Ravens cheerleader who yesterday we told you was indicted for having sex with a 15 year-old boy, allegedly hooked up with the boy through her son who set the whole thing up.

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Molly Shattuck, Ex-Ravens Cheerleader, Indicted For Having Sex With A 15 Year-Old

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Molly Shattuck, a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader, has been charged with two counts of third degree rape during an encounter with a 15 year-old boy she reportedly spotted on Instagram.


The Line Of Baltimore Ravens Fans Exchanging Ray Rice Jerseys Is Absurdly Long


  You honestly won't believe how many people are free on a Friday morning in Baltimore.


Television Enthusiast Ed Hochuli Forgot Where The Television Cameras Were


Ed Hochuli is the most recognizable ref in the National Football League due to his bulging biceps, love of the spoken word and propensity to interject himself and his officiating crew into the key moments of the game.


Ravens Fat Defensive Lineman Haloti Ngata Diving Interception Off Ben Roethlisberger


Baltimore Ravens three hundred and forty pound defensive lineman Haloti Ngata made an incredible diving interception off of Ben Roethlisberger at the end of Steelers-Ravens game.

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Ravens Fans Supporting Ray Rice By Wearing His Jersey At Tonight’s Game


Plenty of Ravens fans are coming out Thursday night wearing their Ray Rice jerseys to show support for the disgraced former Raven.

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‘Fox & Friends’ On The Real Lesson From The Ray Rice Assault: Take The Stairs!


Fox & Friends handled the Ray Rice situation today with amazing tact.

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