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Look What Happens When You Give a Dog 100 Balls to Play With

He's a very happy boy.

Watch 20 Dudes Get Their Balls Waxed For a Great Cause

In case you've never filmed yourself waxing your nuts, this is what your face looks like when you pull the trigger.

Man With 132-Pound Scrotum Dies At 49

This is sad. He was a hero to us all.

Watch a Guy Get Kicked WILLINGLY In the Balls 10 Times Without Flinching Outside a Bar

Well this is certainly one disturbing video. Also, it's rather amazing. It comes from our good friend Shot of Ginn, who offers the following explanation:

The Size of Your Balls Tells You How Healthy You Are

Guys love grabbing their junk. Adjusting it, repositioning it. Making sure it's still there. The time and place for a mindless crotch-grab doesn't really matter—I

Bros, Don’t Iron Your Balls

What? Really? This is a thing?

Best Man’s Speech Focuses Squarely on Groom’s Balls

I’m getting married in four short months. After that, my life, for all intents and purposes will be over. My only hope is that my