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Guy Fieri Bravely Poses With Balloon Version of Self

Health-food fanatic Guy Fieri took a picture with a balloon version of himself with a big, cheesy smile on his face. The incident made me

Just a Video of a Man Deeply in Love with His Balloons

The title says it all, this guy really loves balloons...

Here’s a Guy Making LeBron James Out of Balloons Just Because

The thing is miss most about college is the obscene amount of free time. If idle hands are the devil’s workshop, campus is his corporate

Massive Balloon Explosion at Armenian Political Rally

At a political rally in Armenia today, hundreds of ballons being held by attendees suddenly burst into flames causing a pretty huge explosion.

Watch a Man Set a Balloon on Fire and Then Have it Explode in His Stupid Face

This one is quick, family friendly, and it provides a valuable lesson for the children. Which is, fire is basically harmless.

VIDEO: T-Pain’s New Str*pper Can Do Some Neat Tricks with a Balloon

Here's T-Pain's most recent strip club discovery: An exotic dancer with an unusual talent of deep-throating the type of balloons usually reserved for poodle and