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Today in Badass Wingsuit Videos: Wingsuiter Skims Ground at Insane Speed

We Bros here are unabashed fans of wingsuit videos

Liam Neeson is Liam Neeson in the Bad Ass Trailer for ‘Non-Stop’

Some people think actors being typecast is bad. That's not true when it comes to Liam Neeson. 

U.S. Korean War POWs Used to Flip Off North Korean Photographers Just For Kicks, Because ‘MERICA

I love this story so much, it just has to be shared. It comes from a website called Allproudamericans.com, a Geocities-esque site with

Read Hawaiian Sen. Daniel Inouye’s Badass Medal of Honor Citation from World War II

The world lost a Bro legend today. Long-time Hawaiian Democratic Sen. Daniel Inouye passed away at 88. A veteran of World War II, Sen. Inouye has

10 Total Badasses from Film and TV

Editor's Note: Reader Natty Boh Bro wrote this up and sent this to us last week.