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Professional Wrestler Admits He Popped Out a Dude’s Eyeball Once

In a bar brawl, too. This one got so crazy, he actually POPPED A GUY'S EYEBALL OUT OF THE SOCKET. Note to self: Do not mess

The U.S. Navy Shot Down a Drone with a Laser Beam, Because Stars Wars Is REAL

Last July, off the coast of California, the Navy successfully shot a small drone out of the sky with a laser cannon on the back

Old Bro Wrestles Shark Away from Children on an Australian Beach

We retired "Bro of the Week" a long time ago (none of you f*ckers read it), but if we still had it, I'd nominate this

Cobra Bites Nepalese Farmer, So He Just Bites it Right Back

Over in Nepal, they have a unique way of treating snake bites. They just bite the serpent back, believing this will prevent any harm. While

Liam F*cking Neeson: The Trailer for ‘Taken 2’ Has Arrived (!!!)

Get ready to crumble, Internet: It's Liam F*cking Neeson! The most badass retired CIA operative on the big screen is back for "Taken 2," this

Alex Trebek Tears Achilles Tendon Chasing a Burglar; Is Kind of a Bad$$

Earlier today everyone's favorite 72-year-old game show host was in the San Francisco Bay Area to host the National Geographic World Championship event