Tig Notaro

#Comedyfest presents the worst stand-up videos


There are some people who really shouldn't be allowed to have microphones.

music history

‘Bad 25’ Is the Most Important Music Documentary in Years


On the amazing new documentary “Bad 25,” Vincent Paterson, choreographer of Michael Jackson’s short film for “The Way You Make Me Feel,” tells a story about what happened the first time Jackson walked up to his breathtakingly attractive co-star, Tatiana Thumbtzen.

walrus dancing

Walrus Dances to Michael Jackson Classic ‘Bad’


I bet dancing to Michael Jackson gets this walrus so much female walrus ass.


How Many Adjectives For ‘Bad’ Can We Come Up With To Describe Kim Kardashian’s Music Video?


Kim Kardashian's song "Jam (Turn it up)" is bad enough to make dogs bark and ear drums bleed.

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