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If You Didn’t Hate Drake Before, You Definitely Will After Watching this ‘Between Two Ferns’ Ripoff

Drake is a comedy genius, you guys!

This New Rebecca Black-Esque Tribute to ‘Chinese Food’ Is the New Worst Thing Ever

I can't believe making videos as stupid as Rebecca Black's "Friday" is still a thing. The new worst-video-in-the-world is Alison Gold's video for "Chinese Food." It's by

This Hilariously Bad ‘College Swag’ Rap Video Will Make You Weep for the Younger Generation

Guys... I think we found one of the worst videos on YouTube. It's called "College Swag." Just watch:

Lovesick Bro Makes Out-of-this-World Bryan Adams Tribute Video

Emily, this young dude’s crush, is a lucky lady. This effort is a straight-up panty-dropper if we’ve ever seen one.