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Math Teacher Gets So Drunk That She Takes a Cab to School, Continues to Drink Vodka and Sunny D

If I was a math teacher I'd need to show up to work drunk and keep $9 bottle of Fleischmann's vodka in my desk too.

Teacher Posts Pics Of Herself ‘Having Fun’ With Her Students, Apparently ‘Fun’ Includes Banging One of Them

The world is turning into one giant Pornhub category.

Student Apparently Exposes His Teacher Who Doesn’t Read Essay Answers By Writing Total Nonsense and Getting an ‘A’

Either a really crafty kid or one hell of a move by Sprite's marketing team.

Arkansas Teacher Accidentally Airs Personal Sex Tape to Her 7th-Grade Class

A seventh-grade teacher in Little Rock, Arkansas mistakenly played a graphic tape of herself performing sex acts on her fiancé to her class.

English Teacher Suspended for Using Lil Wayne Lyrics to Teach Figurative Language

A middle school English teacher was suspended for having her students read the lyrics to a Lil Wayne song and underline all his usage of