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This Woman’s Epic Butt Tat Has Its Eyes On You

"Put me down for one The Great Assby."

Man Gets Jail Time For Convincing Tattoo Artist To Ink a 15″ Penis On His Buddy

What a dick. A man has been jailed after he encouraged a ‘backyard tattooist’ to draw a 40cm penis on […]

Is This Tattoo Shop Commercial the Greatest Local Ad Ever?

Nekkid Nate is the owner of Liberty Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia. With a name like Nekkid Nate, he’s got to […]

Just a Couple Bros With Interlocking Los Angeles Kings Tattoos They Don’t Want

Sports and tattoos don’t mix. At best, the ink-stained wretch comes across as someone with misplaced priorities. At worst, shit like this happens.

Buffalo Bills Fan Has Giant Tattoo of O.J. Simpson’s Mug Shot on Thigh

Bryan Labarron is a self-appointed Buffalo Bills “superfan.” He also has questionable judgment.