Mom Lets Daughter Throw Party At Her House, Plays Naked Twister With Teens And That Wasn’t Even Her Worst Decision

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Columbia County Sheriff's Office photo Rachel Lynn Lehnardt, 35, was arrested this past Monday on charges including two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor after she confided in her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor that she had allowed her teenage daughter to throw a party in her home.


Kid Tries To Bully A Defenseless Dog And Gets Pimpslapped By Invisible Forces Of Nature

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What kind of jerk sees a puppy locked up behind a glass cage and thinks 'you know what, I should taunt that adorably defenseless lil guy because I have nothing else to do today'.

road rage

I Can’t Stop Watching This Crazy Lady Road Rage In Front Of Her Son, Someone PLEASE Stop Her


So apparently road rage (and awful women drivers) aren't endemic to just the mainland, and Hawaii is also home to its fair share of batshit crazy.

whisky in car seat

Father of the year uses car seat to cradle his whisky, not his baby


One whisky loving father was tossed behind bars down in Henry County, Georgia after he was pulled over and police discovered he was using the car seat to cradle his hooch, and not his two-year-old son riding in the front seat.

Whitney Museum NYC

Is this the biggest Bad Parenting Fail of all time?


An exhibit titled 'Jeff Koons: A Retrospective' is currently running at the Whitney Museum here in NYC from June 27 - October 19th, it also might have just led to the biggest bad parenting fail in history.

Simmi Dhillon

Mom says smoking pot makes her a better parent


There's a buzz happening in Beverly Hills over a group of women who call themselves the "Marijuana Moms.

The Pornography Industry

Adult film star says she ‘ruined porn’ for her dad


A lot of dads might be angry if their daughter went into porn -- and so is the father of top adult actress Stoya.

The Sexxxtons Porn

Mother, daughter porn duo aiming to be filthy rich


The duo are known collectively as "The Sexxxtons.

funny baby pictures

Expert level bad parenting


There's a fine line between being a cool parent and being a bad parent.

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