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Justin Bieber Gets “Cleansed” Of Racism With Baptism

Seriously. Is anyone surprised anymore?

This Song About Social Media is Going Viral Because People In Social Media Are Claiming to Hate It While Also Sharing It Defeating The Purpose and Oh Fuck I Hanged Myself

This song... THIS FUCKING SONG...is such a piece of shit that it might just go viral, and it's all thanks to social fucking media.

Farrah Abraham Released a Song Called ‘BLOWIN’ and It’s Somehow Not About Fellatio

I'd just like to note that when compared to showing the entire world your asshole, coming out with a song of this caliber is

Billy Ray Cyrus Further Shames Family Name By Dropping an ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ Remix

Gahhhhhh. GAHHHHHHHHHH. I my head can’t compute how hilariously terrible this remix is. Billy Ray Cryus partnered with a cheeseball […]

Rebecca Black Drops a Song Called ‘Saturday’ And It’s Truly The Worst Thing Ever

"Yesterday was Fri-day... Today is Sat-ur-day." -- Rebecca Black, "Saturday." SMH. Sheeeeeeeeee's baccccccckkkkkkk! Two years after releasing the worst earworm of the YouTube era (...and achieving quite a

Syracuse Bros Sing Maybe the Worst Song Ever Made About How Fratty Their Clothes Are

Caught this in Total Frat Move's FAIL Friday the other day and figured it was worth posting here just so we can make fun of

Is Thamys’ ‘Party @ Ur House’ Worse than Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday?’

We report. You decide.

Everyone Stop! Here’s the Next Rebecca Black

Featuring Patrice Wilson (who rapped in "Friday") and lyrics that helpfully tell us that the 4th of July comes after Easter, Nicole Westbrook's "Thanksgiving" will

‘The Ivy League Hustle’ Claims Princeton is Better Than Everyone Else

Women trying to be funny is like women trying to excel at feats of strength: only the very best can compete with a man. And