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The Bad Lip Reading of ‘American Idol’ Is Perfect

By now you are all well aware of this drill.

The Bad Lip Reading of ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ Is Fantastic

A bad lip reading of Wolf of Wall Street? Sure seems like something we’d be interested in.

A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL is Very, Very Good

I hope these people never get better at reading lips. The world will be a much less enjoyable place if that ever happens. 

And Now a Bad Lip Reading of ‘Game of Thrones’

No one enjoys a good lip reading. It’s the terrible lip reading that blows our hair back. Here’s a particularly brutal attempt at deciphering Game

Paula Deen + An African American + Bad Lip Reading = The Best 2-Minutes of Your Day

Paula Deen is taking a brutal fucking beating these past few weeks. This is a Sensei John Kreese kind of attack. STRIKE FIRST. STRIKE HARD.

A Bad Lip-Reading of the NFL Will Make You Laugh

Yeah, this is pretty funny. There’s such a big difference between a good lip-reader and a bad lip-reader –- kind of like there’s such a

The Final, Hilarious Bad Lip Reading of Obama and Romney Should Be the End to the 2012 Campaign

Bad Lip Reading delivered some of the funniest political videos of the year. And while you could be filling your head with election results starting

Mitt Romney Gets the Bad Lip Reading Treatment

These videos have become more or less ubiquitous lately, but this new Bad Lip Reading of Mitt Romney reaches the comedic heights previously seen by