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Bad Lip Reading: The Avengers As Rednecks In A TV Show Is Just Too Perfect


The Bad Lip Reading people are back and better than ever in their latest effort.

late night tv

Jimmy Fallon Did His Own Version Of Bad Lip-Reading Using Celebs On The Oscars Red Carpet


One of the best, and least burnt out, franchises on the Internet is the YouTube channel for Bad Lip-Reading.


The 2015 Edition Of ‘A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL’ Is Here And It’s Goddamn Hilarious


Much like NFL QBs talking shit on Facebook, A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL has become one of those parody franchises we've come to look forward to seeing every NFL season.

bad lip reading

A Bad Lip Reading Of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Has Jennifer Lawrence On An All Cardboard Diet


When the final chapter of The Hunger Games (Part 1) hit theaters I was left wondering to myself: Why the hell haven't the guys from Bad Lip Reading destroyed Catching Fire yet.


Bad Lip Reading Just Dropped A Music Video For ‘The Walking Dead’ And The Game’s Changed Forever


The geniuses at Bad Lip Reading just dropped a music video featuring Carl Poppa from 'The Walking Dead' and neither the music or the lip dup game will ever be the same.


Bad Lip Reading Takes On ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 And It’s Incredible


Bad Lip Reading is back, and they've just dropped a video lampooning Season 4 of The Walking Dead.

bad lip reading american idol

‘Bad Lip Reading’ vs. American Idol — the bad lip reading America truly deserves


'Bad Lip Reading' is perhaps our favorite video phenomenon on the Internet, and today they've released a new video.


This new Bad Lip Reading of the NFL is the only pre-Super Bowl video we need


If you thought the last Bad Lip Reading of the NFL video was good, well, get ready, because this one's even better.


A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL is Very, Very Good


I hope these people never get better at reading lips.


A Bad Lip Reading of Game of Thrones is as good as the show itself


How can you match the greatness that is Game of Thrones.

Paula Deen

Paula Deen + An African American + Bad Lip Reading = The Best 2-Minutes of Your Day


Paula Deen is taking a brutal fucking beating these past few weeks.

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