bad ideas

13 True Stories About Pranks That Went Completely And Horribly Wrong


If a prank goes correctly, it’s absolutely hilarious for almost everyone involved.

bad ideas

The DMX-George Zimmerman Fight Has Been Called Off


Damon Feldman, the promoter of the much-hyped and much-maligned George Zimmerman-DMX bout, said yesterday on Twitter that he has decided to cancel the fight.


Cleveland Indians Fans Support Team by Dressing Up in Red Face


Boy, one would think there would be some reservations about doing something like this.

RC robot

Yeah, a remote controlled RC car with a gun won’t end badly


There are many, many things that have had guns mounted to them, but this RC car, called the "Armed Mobile Response RC Car", might just take the cake.

William Jennings Bryan

7 brilliant people who had terrible ideas


We tend to remember geniuses for, well, their genius.

sports gear

POC and Beats by Dre team up to kill you with new helmet


If there is one thing that is incredibly stupid to do in sports, especially ones where you go very quickly and concentration means the difference between an exhilarating achievement and being featured on the Darwin Awards, it's wearing headphones.


The future of handcuffs: Shock you when you get out of line


Believe it or not, getting out of standard metal handcuffs is actually pretty easy.


Spraytect iPhone case is an entertainingly bad idea


You know what would be an absolutely great idea.

what not to buy

A sexual positions app is the last thing you need


I often joke about products being "sexual kryptonite," because they're incredibly dorky, but really, no matter how stupid something is, it's unlikely to get a woman to not consider giving you the time of day.

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