car crashes

Watch A Woman In A Stolen Car Knock Down A Whole Fucking Building During A Car Chase


A woman in Kansas City stole a car last week and in the midst of a high speed chase with police she ran over a fire hydrant, lost control of the vehicle, and then somehow managed to level a freaking building that was being used for storing vintage cars.

bad drivers

Man In A Jeep Teaches A Corvette Driver Why You Should Never Park Like A Douche


A++ work to this Jersey bro with a muddy Jeep why you should never park like an asshole.

Lamborghini Aventador

Watch Some Asshole Crash His Lamborghini Aventador In London


OK, shame on me: I feel a little bit guilty calling the driver of the Lamborghini Aventador an asshole; he's not 100% at fault here for the guy in the Mazda shouldn't have pulled out in front of him.


Florida Driver With Road Rage Gets What’s Coming to Him With Sweet, Sweet Instant Karma


Drivers in Florida have a reputation for being, well, complete jackasses.

types of drivers

9 types of drivers that piss everyone off


Have you ever wondered why every time you get in your car you seem to be the only competent one out there.

worst drivers

8 ways people drive like a-holes


Really, driving should be a simple task; it's something we do almost every day, causing it to be ingrained in our minds, and automatic in our actions.

Surveillance video

Watch the World’s Worst Driver Get Into 3 Accidents in 90 Seconds


There is no reason entering this parking garage should have been difficult, but the World’s Worst Driver somehow parlayed the opportunity into three accidents in the span of two minutes.


The Most Terrifying Winter Driving Video You’ll See Today


Living in New York, some days I miss driving.

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