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Do You Love Bacon? Then This Bacon-Powered Motorcycle Is Something You’re Gonna Want

Bacon #FTW.

My Name Is Alex and I Tried to Consume Nothing But Bacon and Beer for 12 Hours

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing,

Like Bacon? Like Beer? Want Those Things For Free?

We are here for you.

I Tried to Make Bacon While I Was Drunk Last Night

Twenty-seven is way too old to be making a rookie mistake like this.

How to Cook Bacon Using a Machine Gun

What are you, a pussy?

Science Explains Why Bacon Smells Amazing

You love. I love it. Science loves it.

The First Food Man Ever Ate on the Moon Was… You Guessed It. Bacon.

It's like they new we'd get excited about it 46 years from now.

5 Bacon-Based Snacks That Are Better Than The Real Thing


Kansas State Bribing Students With Bacon at Women’s Hoops Game

How much bacon would it take for a Bro to attend a women’s basketball game? Kansas State is intent on finding out the answer to

A Butcher In Seattle and Genius Human Is Selling Bacon Infused with Marijuana

There's that Louis CK bit where he completely rips people for overusing the word "genius." I'm pretty sure the example he had in mind was pretty

20 Best Bacon Items Ever Made

Bacon isn't the greatest food we could eat. It is the best tasting, though. Love bacon? Throw BroBible

Does Your School Have a Delectable, Cant-Miss Hungover Breakfast Spot? We Want to Know!

There aren't many thing Bros love more than a hungover meal that hits the spot. With this in mind, weve decided to embark on a

Meet the Man Embarking on a Very Noble Quest: Creating the World’s Best Tasting Pig

The New York Times recently did a profile on one of the more noble men we've come across in quite sometime--a great story of a

Ever Want to Make Your Own Bacon in Bulk? Here’s How

One YouTuber said it better than any of us can:

6th-Grader Turns in Hilarious School Assignment about Bacon

Thanks in no small part to Reddit, the Internet is currently in the grips of a "Single White Female"-level obsession with bacon. We're not sure

Brace Yourself for the Upcoming ‘Unavoidable’ Bacon Shortage

This is soul-crushing, artery-freeing news. Better stock up now, Bros.

Comedian Road Trips From NYC to LA Using 3,000lb of Bacon as His Only Form of Currency

Comedian Josh Sankey is going coast-to-coast (Sade style) paying for his trip with nothing but 3,000lb of BACON. This Bacon Barter trip, it seems, is

I Dare You to Find a Cheeseburger Fratter Than This Awesome ‘Slow Larry’

Ah, the kitchen. A place reserved for slams to chop up random things on cutting boards, thus enabling them to release their increasing frustration regarding

Bro of the Week Pits the Dead Against the Living

Each week, Bros go above and beyond the call of duty. For that, they receive Bro of the Week consideration. We’re putting the power in

Would You Eat This Burger with Over a Thousand Strips of Bacon?

In America it seems that everyone loves themselves some bacon. Bacon has infiltrated everything, there's bacon vodka, bacon cupcakes, baconnaise, and even bacon

Introducing Jack in the Box’s Bacon Milkshake

Jack in the Box just answered a long-standing question: Aside from a grilled dead cow, what's the only other dairy product Ron Swanson eats? F*ckin'

Behold, The Power of Bacon!: Grandmother Beats, Tortures Nine-Year Old for Eating Too Much Bacon

You'd be a damn fool to question the supernatural powers of bacon. Our favorite cured meat can cause people to do strange, strange things. It's

VIDEO: The Bacon Bazooka Defies All Logical Thinking

  Behold, the Bacon Bazooka... and its complete lack of practicability or rationale. I don't know when bacon became the new black but covering a bazooka

VIDEO: Sacramento Bacon-Bikini Contest Scandal Leads to Hard-Hitting News Investigation

Here's a seven minute-long hard-hitting investigation from Sacramento's KOVR CBS 13 about a sc*mbag who organized a bacon bikini contest for a fake diabetes charity