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Is This Working Hoverboard Real or Total Bullshit?

We all want this to be real.

I Must Have This Marty McFly Printed T-Shirt

This is the most beautiful piece of clothing I’ve ever witnessed. It’s all of Marty McFly’s iconic outfit from Back […]

The Marty McFly Screaming Supercut Will Take You Back to the Future Loudly

Michael J. Fox really got to show his acting range in the Back to the Future trilogy. His turn as time-traveling Marty McFly captured the

Here’s How the ‘Back to the Future’ Cast Actually Aged Versus Aging in the Films

Despite being one of the most rewatchable movies ever, Back to the Future and its two sequels portrayed a gloriously impossible 2015—filled with flying cars,

The Delorean Time Machine from ‘Back to the Future’ is Being Restored

This is crucial news, especially with all the political unrest in Libya. Those damn Libyans are always after Doc Brown.

Can Someone Please Bring Me This DeLorean Hovercraft Right Now?

Roads. Where he went he didn't need... Roads.

Biff From ‘Back to the Future’ Answers All of Your Burning Questions Via Postcard

Tom Wilson, who is best remembered as mean-spirited Biff Tannen from the “Back to the Future” franchise has found that fans tend to ask him

Is Nike’s Releasing Marty McFly’s ‘Nike Air Mags’ from ‘Back to the Future II’?

“Power Laces! Alriiight!” That's what Marty McFly joyously exclaimed when he snapped into a pair of Nike Air Mags in 1989's "Back to