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The Official Juan Pablo “Bachelor” Finale Drinking Game

For your pleasure.

Adam Scott Might be the New ‘Bachelor’

My wife turned into the biggest golf fan in the world this weekend as Adam Scott played his way to a Masters championship. Something about

Tim Tebow Was Actually Asked to be ‘The Bachelor’

Tim Tebow was actually asked to be the “The Bachelor.” The show’s host, Chris Harrison, told "Access Hollywood" yesterday that he approached the Denver Broncos

How To Get Around Your Friend’s Fiancee’s Attempt to Sabotage His Bachelor Party

Q. My close friend just got engaged. His fiancée owns him and we are worried the bachelor party is going to suck because her father and

25 Items at Ikea Worthy of a Guy’s First Bachelor Pad

You've made it to the big city and you and your friends finally found an apartment near decent bars. A couple months later, however,

How To Use eBay to Deck Out Your New Bro Pad

You've made it to the big city and you and your friends finally found an apartment near decent bars. A month later, however, the

Crazy Bride-To-Be Tries to Micromanage Fiancé‘s Bachelor Party with B*tchy E-mail to Best Man

This e-mail request from a bride-to-be about her fiancé's bachelor party popped up on AskReddit yesterday and, well, we fell it's important enough to dignify

Jim Norton’s Bachelor Pad Gets Him Laid… Does Yours?

There's a classic New York Post story in the New York Post today about bachelor pads. Here's the gist: If you have a nice apartment,

A Fairy Tale, According to a Bachelor Bro

This morning a buddy pulled this from Reddit and blasted this out on our e-mail group, poking fun at a friend who's getting married this

Poker Player Builds Giant Slide in New York Bachelor Pad

Via the real estate mavens over at Curbed New York comes photos of a ridiculous double-penthouse apartment owned by a 26-year-old professional poker player. Phil

Derek Jeter’s $20 Million Dollar NYC Bachelor Pad Looks Like a Sweet Place to Party

In case you haven't noticed, we've spearheaded a weekly showcase of blingtastic celebrity homes each Wednesday. It's evolving into somewhat of a regular real estate

10 Photos of LeBron James’ Ballin’ New Nine Million Dollar Pad in Miami

Looks like LeBron James can finally stop living out of a suitcase. According to the Miami Hearld, James has closed on a balin' ass 12,178-square-foot

What Would You Add to This List of Bachelor Pad Must-Haves?

    You love it. Women love it. It has everything you need, and it shows off your personality. It's not an iPod playlist peppered with Hall