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Bro Fakes His Own Kidnapping To Stay Out All Night And Party

“This night is going to be legend-arrrryyyy. But first let me text my girl and tell her I’ve been kidnapped. […]

These Guys Spent 7-Hours Getting Shit-Faced in the Back of a U-Haul Driving From FL to SC on a Bachelor Party

I’ve never been to a bachelor party (my own included) that could be construed as creative or outside-of-the-box. That doesn’t […]

The 10 Types of Dudes at Every Bachelor Party

Every Bro knows these Bros.

Bro at Bachelor Party Records First Ever Firework Cock Block

If you’re going to leave a bachelor party on a boat to hook up with a random chick you’re going to want to get as

10 Tips I Learned from Last Weekend’s Bachelor Party

The past weekend I went with seven of my closest friends to Montreal for a bachelor party, giving our buddy one final set of shenanigans

The Bros’ Guide to Bachelor Party Etiquette

As with successfully picking up women or effectively grifting children out of their allowance money, knowing your mark is the key

The 12 Best Locations to Have a Bachelor Party

Once you get out of college, the trips you learn to look forward to the most are bachelor parties. As one of my friends pointed

A British Bro Gives Us the Best 5-Minute Post-Bachelor Party Recap in a Long Time

Every so often, a viral video will surface that has the possibility to be universally beloved. This uber-dorky British dude recounting his buddy’s bachelor party

How to Survive Her Bachelorette Party

Don’t get me wrong, being single is wonderful. Going out four times a week, crafting lies to get unsuspecting barflies into bed, and doing whatever

Ken Jeong Tells His Craziest Party Story Ever

I can't preach enough how much I love VICE's animation party story series. Next up, Community's Ken Jeong tells a story about his

Honoring a Fine Man and NFL Season as We Enter Wild Card Weekend

This weekend I'm heading down to New Orleans for a bachelor party. It just happens to be a perfect storm of sporting display as the