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These Guys Spent 7-Hours Getting Shit-Faced in the Back of a U-Haul Driving From FL to SC on a Bachelor Party

I’ve never been to a bachelor party (my own included) that could be construed as creative or outside-of-the-box. That doesn’t […]

Bros Spill Their Deepest, Darkest Bachelor Party Confessions

Ah, bachelor parties. That precious, time-honored tradition where your Bro gets to let his hair down for the last time […]

You’ll Never Guess What These Bros Discovered During A Bachelor Party

A surprise in the unlikeliest of places.

This Is What Happens When You Give a Drunk Guy a Live Chicken and Ask Him to Jump Over a Fire

Standard behavior, really.

Our Freelancer Got Shafted By a Private Lesbian Show on a Bachelor Party, Here Are His Emails to the Company

The escort industry is, after all, a service industry.

The 10 Types of Dudes at Every Bachelor Party

Every Bro knows these Bros.

Hannibal Buress Did an Awesome Set About Throwing Himself a Parade in New Orleans on a Bachelor Party

Just an excellent bit by Hannibal Buress, the best comedian there is.

How to Throw a Bachelor Party: The Greatest Short Film About Bros Ever Made

In four days, I’m going to be the best man in my best friend Mike’s wedding. Everything is ready: My […]

Bro Has Sex With a Milf On the Famous Carnaval Sh*t Ship, Plus Guy Wrecks a Home For One Night

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Bro Asks If He Should Bang a Girl Who Stalks Him on Facebook, Plus When Fraternity Hazing Goes Wrong

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