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Here Is a Husky Eight-Month-Old Baby Who Weighs 40 Pounds

Poor Santiago of Bogota, Columbia.

The Animatronic Devil Baby Prank is One MESSED Up Prank

This, this is how the freak you prank someone. 

‘How To Fight a Baby’ Teaches You How to Merck Little Bitch Babies

Babies. Fuck 'em. 

This Mother’s Prank on Her Daughter is the Meanest Ever

And yet, it cracked me up. 

WTF?!?: There was an Infant Drinking a Bud Light During the Oakland A’s Locker Room Celebration

Welp, this is certainly an unconventional way for the Oakland A's to celebrate winning the NL West. It's also one way to put the kid

David Ortiz Took a Baby From the Stands, Held It During the National Anthem

David Ortiz is so much fun that no one even cares when he fails a drug test or drops an F-bomb on national television. He

We Can Only Wish Taylor Swift Tweeted This to Kim Kardashian & Kanye West About Their New Baby Girl

Perhaps you heard the news, but yesterday new mom Kim Kardashian and new dad Kanye West welcomed a baby daughter into the world.

Hero Baby Dresses as Chris ‘Birdman’ Andersen

Anything I type down here will distract from this young man’s brilliance. He’s accomplished more in his short life than most of you screw-ups ever

Father of the Year Creates Tumblr Detailing Why His Son Won’t Stop Crying

Look, I can only imagine how tough it is to raise a kid. Through a series of events—marriage, forgetting to pull out, and consequently, the

Hilarious Crying Baby Prank Executed to Perfection

What happens when you put a hideous old man mask under a blanket, prompting people to mistake it for a bawling baby? Prankster Jack Vale

This Baby Can Do Pull-Ups on His Own

Holy Sh*t! Are babies supposed to be able to pass the President's Challenge before their first birthday? If not, this video should have

Alicia Silverstone Is a Bird

We know very little about parenting around here, but this seems totally weird. The “Clueless” star posted this video on her blog over