babies are funny

Baby Bro Goes Into Full Mental Lockdown When Confronted With Twins For The First Time


Don't worry, baby bro Landon, that was pretty much my reaction the first time I laid eyes on twin girls as well.


Watch This Dog Jump Around To Try And Teach A Baby How To Bounce In Her Bouncer


I love dogs but I hate babies, so I’m torn on this video.

eva mendes

Remember How Eva Mendes Denied Being Pregnant? Well Eva Mendes Had A Baby Girl Who Would Beg To Differ


A couple months ago we told you how Eva Mendes was supposedly several months pregnant.

heavy metal baby

This Heavy Metal Baby Is the Most Badass Baby on the Planet


And she's not just any baby either, she's the daughter of a singer for an Osaka deathrash metal band so you know she's legit.

surrogate father

Man wanted to have over 1000 kids and was well on his way before getting caught


As the father of two children, whom I adore, I have to ask this man "are you stupid.

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