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Signs You’re Not Good At Small Talk

This video was made for all awkward people who suck at making small talk.

9 Awkward Things You Can’t Help But Do

Are you a person with akward social skills? Does it create uncomfortable situations in the workplace or when hitting on women? Have you been called,

Bro Pranks College Kids with Super Awkward Handshakes, High-Fives, and Hugs

I can picture the ideation for this video. Scene: Typical college apartment, Bob Marley posters on the wall, Sublime's "What I Got" playing in the background.

Six Incredibly Awkward Moments to Avoid Today

That awkward moment when you realize saying “that awkward moment” is so 2010.

Will Ferrell Answers Reporter’s Cell Phone During Interview

Will Ferrell is no stranger to improv or hamming it up, so when a reporter’s (Sarah, at the end of the table, to