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Sports Anchor Mentions 28 Professional Wrestlers While Delivering the Night’s Sports Highlights

Adam Lefkoe, a sports anchor for WHAS11in Louisville just made one spectacularly done viral video on company time by adding some WWE excitement to his

Here’s a Grandma Just Killing It On Some Music Store Drums

She looks both like Beavis AND Butthead. From any angle, she rocks harder than most men half her age.

Bro Gets Head on the Subway While He Conceals His Girlfriend’s Head by Pretending to Read a Book

Power move from Captain Chubby Chaser. Just fulfilling his own dreams of getting blown on public transportation by a BBW. Although her technique isn't very

Two Toddlers Rock Out to Korn in Their Car Seats, Which Is Way Too Awesome to Comprehend

By the time this superstar duo comes of age, Korn will be "classic nu metal."

Crazy Old Used Car Salesman Slugs Nosey CBS Reporter in the Face

Look, if you're going to come around old man Wilder's car lot and start poking your nose into his business and act like a little

The ‘People Are Awesome 2013’ Compilation Will Give You Shivers

Way back in 2010, a video called "People are Awesome" blew up the Internet. Two long years have passed, and the creator of that video, Hadoukentheband—who must

Craigslist Heroes: Two Roommates ‘Seeking Renaissance Bro to Assimilate into Existing Bro Community’

Every now and then, Craigslist brings us the sort of moments that we can't help but respond to with complete and total awe. This is

If You Send Tom Hanks a Typewriter and Ask Him to Be on Your Podcast, He’ll Respond with This Gem

Further proof that Tom Hanks is really just the MAN. 

K’Nex Lover/Crazy Guy Turns His Bedroom Into a Masterful 40,000 Part Ball Machine

This is something you need to see to believe. 

Great Spoof Imagines a World Where ‘Fragrance Commercials Didn’t Whisper’

Fragrance commercials, for better or for worse, are often quite creepy. This, of course, is mostly because there's apparently some strange correlation between whispering and

Best Dad Ever Builds Daughter a Roller Coaster in Backyard

Clearly, this guy is a hero. As impressive as a backyard roller coaster is, I think the real feat was getting his wife to sign

Austen Lane’s ‘Monday Schedule Bro!’ May Be the Greatest To-Do List Ever Made

If there was such a thing as a "social media agent," Jaguars DE Austen Lane would be the field's Drew Rosenhaus. There hasn't been as

Dad Delivers Son Pump-Up Speech Of A Lifetime

To prepare his son for his career as a copywriter, this champion of a dad took Herb Brooks' "Miracle" speech to an entirely new level. While

Eminem And Nas Freestyle For Ice T’s Upcoming ‘The Art of Rap’ Documentary

If you weren't already hyped for Ice T's documentary "Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap," this oughta do it. The documentary, which is slated

Apparently Last Night’s Heat/Celtics Game Ended In A Tie

According to a Maine television station, last night's Heat/Celtics Game ended in a tie. This means that the Heat still lead the series, with a

Injured Bro Able to Chay On Thanks to Ingenious Crutch Koozie

A BroBible reader recently sent in this photo to share for the greater good, accompanied by this message: "So i busted my foot up wake boarding