Sports Anchor Mentions 28 Professional Wrestlers While Delivering the Night’s Sports Highlights


Adam Lefkoe, a sports anchor for WHAS11in Louisville just made one spectacularly done viral video on company time by adding some WWE excitement to his nightly regurgitation of sports highlights.

materials science

The next step in body armor is based on… sea sponges?


When you think of tough animals you want to base your body armor on, sea sponges aren't your first choice.

pedal pub

The Pedal Pub makes you work for your beer


Generally I leave the beer gadgets to our resident alcohol fan, but sometimes, there's one just too offbeat to pass up.


Two Toddlers Rock Out to Korn in Their Car Seats, Which Is Way Too Awesome to Comprehend


By the time this superstar duo comes of age, Korn will be "classic nu metal.

weird news

Topless sledding is Germany’s breast sport


The topless snow-sledding competition in Altenberg, Germany, lured the breast athletes from around the country on Feb.

Lumio lamp

Lumio: A lamp that folds into a book


We can all use an extra lamp, but most lamps are ridiculously bulky, and they're not particularly versatile.

military video camera

DARPA invented 1.8 gigapixel video camera


DARPA, the government's mad science lab, is at it again, and this time they've invented a video camera that can broadcast a 4.

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