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Man With Down Syndrome Wished To Meet Kid Rock On His 30th Birthday, Kid Rock Comes Through


YouTube Say what you want about Kid Rock or his music, but he seems like a salt of the earth motherfucker to me.


The NBA Made a Chillingly Awesome ‘Ultimate Brian Scalabrine Highlight Video’


Brian Scalabrine, AKA "The White Mamba," had a knack for sitting on benches of Eastern Conference contenders, while simultaneously being one of the biggest fan-favorites in the league during his illustrious eleven year career.

great games

Guy Hits INSANE Half Court Buzzer-Beater to Win Fire Island BBall Tourney


Fire Island is a set of beach towns flooded by New Yorkers from Memorial Day through Labor Day, only to become complete ghost central for the remainder of the year.

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Military Bro, Turned Best Uncle Ever, Finds Awesome Way to Play With His Nephew Over the Internet


According to YouTuber greatwhitebenja, "I only get to see my nephew about twice a year because I am in the military, so today I emailed my sister some lines for him to get on videotape so we could do a little project together.

Today Show

Leisure Diving Had a Segment on the ‘Today Show’ This Morning


Leisure Diving is apparently still going strong and about two months later, the "Today Show" has caught on to the art of chilling in mid-air.


Brazilian Dodgeball Looks Intense


This is the most socially awkward gun fight you'll see today.


‘Skyliner Paris,’ a Documentary About French Urban Highliners, Looks Unreal


We've told you about highliners, the adrenaline junkies who afix ropes across canyons and/or buildings before crossing, in the past.


Homeless Guy in Miami Creates Awesome Flip Sign Out of 40 Oz Case Dividers


It isn't very often we can praise a panhandler for an innovative way of asking for our pocket change.


VIDEO: Fort Worth Illuminated By Pretty Lights From Exploding Transformers


On Tuesday night a lightning storm in Fort Worth, Texas sparked a chain reaction of exploding transformers.

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