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This Spinning Backheel Futsal Goal Is Ridiculous

I don't ever.... Whaaaa.... This is ridiculous. 

North Carolina’s Chad ‘The Tut’ Tutton Scores a Nasty One-Handed, Behind-the-Back Lax Goal

Via Lacrosse Playground comes this dirty, dirty one-handed, behind-the-back lacrosse goal from over the weekend. In a weekend of awesome sports highlights, North

Watch Paul George Throw Down a Sick Reverse Dunk

On Monday night Blake Griffin spoiled dunk highlights for everyone, throwing down arguably one of the greatest dunks in his career. Twitter exploded

Check Out Rudy Fernandez’s Crazy Tip-In at the Buzzer

Another awesome play from yesterday's NBA action. On a half-court attempt by Corey Brewer, Denver's Rudy Fernandez gets his left hand on the

Watch the Giants’ Victor Cruz and Chiefs’ Dwayne Bowe Make Juggling Touchdown Catches

Here's two incredibly theatrical plays from today's NFL action. First, we have Chiefs' Dwayne Bowe making a circus catch for a touchdown. Somehow,