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Watch a Monster Avalanche Destroy and Devour a Ski Lift In France

Pretty gnarly footage from a ski resort in the Savoy Region of France, where a huge section of alpine snowpack slide down the

Snowmobiler Survives Insane Avalanche, Captures Video with GoPro

Well, here's some sort of cosmic metaphor for our feelings about Valentine's Day. Tanner Stuart captured this disastrous snowmobile ride up a steep slope in

Video: Snowmobiler Gets Caught in an Avalanche

If you need a reminder of nature's power, here it is. This snowmobiler is just hanging out, watching his friends tear up the

Watch a Snowboarder Cause a Huge, Scary Backcountry Avalanche at Jackson Hole

If you've ever hiked/shredded a backcountry bowl like this, you'll probably find this to be scary as hell. Allow the description on Vimeo to set

Watch Matt Duchene’s Amazing, Through-the-Legs Dangle and Goal

Last night Avalanche center Matt Duchene scored possibly the best goal of the 2011-12 season so far with this through-the-legs dangle and goal.

VIDEO: Skier Saves Himself From Avalanche By Deploying an Airbag

Last week a tipster passed along this crazy POV video of a skier surviving an avalanche while helisking in Alaska. His saving grace? Wearing a

Skier Survives a Small Avalanche; Captures His Escape On Video

When I lived in Colorado's Western Slope, spring backcountry skiing was just a rite of passage that came with the transition of the season. Despite

Video: What It Looks Like to Get Caught In an Avalanche

With AG in Tahoe for the weekend, I thought I’d give him a video that’ll make him feel nice and cozy on the slopes. It