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A Home Plate Collision Followed by a Sucker Punch Ignited a Bench-Clearing Brawl in Australia

To say that there was a brawl after the sucker punch would kind of be stretching it. The post-punch events were more of a bench-clearing stand around. Players,

I Never Want to Go to Australia After Seeing This Video of a Snake Hiding on a Guy’s Car


Your Daily Reminder That Australians Are Awesome—Even When Getting Arrested

"Get your hands off my PENIS" is the new gold standard for civil disobedience.

How to Say ‘Pop a Chub’ In Australian

Of course you have. They say you learn something new every day and today you're going to learn how to say "pop a chub" in

Aussie Bro Would Rather Go to Jail Than Not Drink for Two Years

A 22-year-old Australian man by the name of Milo Wild -- which sounds like the name of an animated kangaroo character in a Disney movie

Aussie Bro at University of Arizona Makes a Video Shaming Sorority Girls, Frat Guys, and GDIs

Aussie Blair, previously, is back at the University of Arizona, this time to make fun of sorority girls, frat guys, GDIs, and... Jimmy Tatro?