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Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Might Be the Hottest Hurdler Ever

Me, meet Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke. She just turned 19 in June. This video is from the World Junior Championships for the 100m in Barcelona.

Australian Olympic Swimmer Stephanie Rice Posts Hot Bikini Pic to Celebrate Her 24th Birthday

Easily the most popular female athlete Down Under, get ready to see and hear a lot about swimmer Stephanie Rice over the coming weeks. Meanwhile,

Can You Make it Through This Horrible Woman’s Healthy-Eating Rant?

Well, this really got me riled up. At first glance, this video is pleasant enough. Just a nice-looking lady in a red hat,

Watch an Australian Tourist Get Gored at Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls

On the second day of Pamplona's running of the bulls in Spain, a 25-year-old Australian man was gored in the leg after "taunting"