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Watch a Ball Kid Get Nailed in the Face at the Australian Open, Barely Flinch

A little Aussie bro took a Florian Mayer shank to the face at the Australian Open yesterday, and he didn't even fall down. To be fair,

Serena Williams Destroyed Her Racquet, Is a Very Strong Woman

Serena Williams’ Australia Open run came to an abrupt end early this morning when Slone Stephens pulled off the shocking upset.

Jerzy Janowicz Had a Meltdown at the Australian Open

Jerzy Janowicz has a terrible temper. On the bright side, his name is worth so many points in Scrabble.

Ballboy at the Australian Open Makes the Most Impressive Catch You’ll See Today

This made the rounds yesterday. It's too awesome to not give it a go here. This ballboy became an Australian national hero/viral sensation

Novak Djokovic Was Asked If He Breathed Through His Nose After His Win at the Australian Open

I'm sure it's difficult to be a sports reporter and think of different and unique questions to ask athletes after their game. You