Hilarious Aussie Has A Message For All The Young And Drunk Nations Of The World


Here we see this incredible Aussie explain why there's such a pro-alcohol culture in Australia, but his message actually applies to all of the young and/or developing nations across the planet.


Someone Needs To Tell These Australian Soldiers That They Tackle Like Little Babies


Dammit Australia, I thought you were supposed to be tough.


Australian Reporter Tries His Hardest Not To Laugh After Drive-By FHRITP On Live TV


Yesterday we brought you a FHRITP video of a Canadian reporter in Scotland, today we have an Australian drive-by FHRITP.


Watch This Bro Catch A Marlin Using Only Fishing Line And His Bare Fucking Hands


Here we see something straight out of Old Man And The Sea, we see a bro catch a ~250lb Black Marlin using only a handline in less than 8 minutes.

profane bird

This swearing Australian Cockatoo is my new spirit animal


It's settled, if I was reincarnated as an animal I'm certain I'd come back as a cockatoo.

using the c word

Aussie cleverly teaches his pet goat not to use the ‘c-word’


Gary the Goat is a bit of an Internet celebrity, and in this video we see him learning to not use the c-word, because apparently some people find it offensive.

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