Watching This Australian Game Show Contestant Get The World’s Easiest Question Wrong Will Make You Feel Like A Genius


Now I like to think of myself as a moderately intelligent person, but I got this question wrong too.


Drunk Aussies Challenge Police To Dance Off, Nobody Gets Arrested, Fun Was Had By All


At the G-20 world summit in Brisbane, Australia recently the police presence was as thick as it's ever been.


This Spearfishing Video Is Not Only A Vegan’s Worst Nightmare, It Also Features The Perfect Bikini Butt


With so much of the nation gripped by Arctic winds, I thought it'd be nice to live vicariously through these spearfishing divers for a few minutes.


Australian TV Anchor Wears Same Suit Every Day For A Year To Make A Point, Did It Work?

By | 2 Comments

After noticing that his female co-anchors on Australia's TODAY morning show would often take flack for their outfits by users on social media, co-host Karl Stefanovic decided to undertake a social experiment.

university of newcastle

Guess How Pissed This University Was When It Found A Student Using Their Library To Broadcast Live Sex Shows


You know when you ask your parents if they’re mad at you, and their response of “We’re not mad, we’re just disappointed” basically equates to “We kind of wish you were dead”.


This Man Who Asked A Cop ‘Are You Waiting To Receive My Limp Penis’ While Being Arrested Is A Legend


Paul Charles Dozsa is a former chess champion, and a man who had a predilection for skipping out on so many expensive meals he was dubbed the 'restaurant runner' (he was charged 54 times for bailing on meals).


Helicopters At The G20 Summit Accidentally Cause Blinding Dust Storm On Highway


With the G20 Summit taking place in Australia right now, the world's leaders and their finest aircrafts are all descending upon Brisbane.


Straya’n Mate Hops Right On The Fecken Backava Tigah Shark—Because Australians Are Insane


The thing I love the most about this video of a man jumping from a dock onto the back of a deadly tiger shark is that it wouldn't happen anywhere other than Australia.

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