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Australian Commuters Lift a Train to Save Man Wedged Against Platform

People helping people.

DudeBro With GoPro Riding Dirt Bike Gets Rear Ended, Winds Up on Roof of Other Car

Unfortunate, certainly.

Brawl in A Greek Restaurant Gets Extra Insane When People Start Using Chairs and Tables


An Australian Man Made a Sick, Working Batmobile

A dream come true.

Aw, Crickey! Tim Cahill Puts Another Shrimp in the Barbie With Volley Blast From Down Under

Mel Gibson-approved.

Insane Moment a Man Jumps Into Sydney Harbor Wearing a GoPro and Lands Next to a Great White Shark

Nature, you still scary as shit.

This Alligator Wrapped In Bacon And Stuffed With A Chicken Is Something People Eat in Australia

Would you look at that thing. It's a bacon-wrapped alligator stuffed with a chicken...FROM HELL.

Little Kid Throws Amazing Tantrum Over Foul Ball, Is Rewarded


A Home Plate Collision Followed by a Sucker Punch Ignited a Bench-Clearing Brawl in Australia

To say that there was a brawl after the sucker punch would kind of be stretching it. The post-punch events were more of a bench-clearing stand around. Players,

WHY? Large Man Puts Human Statue in Headlock, Refuses to Let Go

This beefy Australian dude apparently hates two things: shirts and street performers. 

I Never Want to Go to Australia After Seeing This Video of a Snake Hiding on a Guy’s Car


Your Daily Reminder That Australians Are Awesome—Even When Getting Arrested

"Get your hands off my PENIS" is the new gold standard for civil disobedience.

This Australian Beer Commercial Really Just Gets It

Austrailians have a lot of things down. For example, see this excellent, excellent piece from Andy on Australian newscaster Karl Stefanovic. This commerical, for Carlton

Why Australia’s Karl Stefanovic Is the Biggest Bro in Newscasting, and What We Can Learn From Him

Over the past year—thanks to Australian Redditors, Sydney study-abroaders, and the general worldwide connectivity of the Internet—Americans have become exposed to

Genius Aussies Put a GoPro on a Rugby Ref for Ultimate In-Game POV Footage

I wish the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL would do this so bad. If the Aussies can do it, U.S. pro sports leagues can do

Biggest Hits From Australian Football League Makes the NFL Look Like Two-Hand Touch

Christ. They should seriously consider wearing pads. 

This Strip Club Bouncer Delivered a Brutal Knockout, Is Finally Going to Jail

One shot and lights-out. What a brutal knockout by the bouncer.

Again, Just Wait For It… (Video)

What have we done to anger all the sharks?!

Girl Posts Photo of Grandma’s Cash to Facebook, Attempted Robbery Ensues

This is beyond stupid. A 17-year-old Sydney girl helping her grandmother count her cash savings was promptly visited by two knife-wielding men after she posted

This is Why this Rugby Player is Called ‘The Beast’

It takes something special for a rugby highlight to show up here at BroBible. What Tendai Mtawarira did over the weekend certainly qualifies. The Zimbabwean

Cross-Dressing Hooker Beats Up a John That Refused to Pay Him/Her

Look at all the community support for this transvestite prostitute! The good people of Melbourne, Australia just rallying around (not really doing anything

Watch an Australian Rugby Player Get Forced Into Early Retirement By Getting His Ankle Snapped

This is not for the squeamish. During a Friday night rugby match between Australia's South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Brisbane Broncos, Jharal Yow

The Best Interview About a Sex Shop Fire You’ll Ever See

Approximately 40 firefighters fought the fire at the adult store called "The Den" and it took more than an hour to contain the

Australian Police Officer Takes Ten Too Many Swings at a Cricket Fan

This cop punches like Forrest Gump. Really cocks that bow of his to make sure to inflict the utmost trauma. I think Gump

If You Hand the 82-Year-Old Former Prime Minister of Australia a Beer He Will Pound It at Once

Bob Hawke, ladies and gentleman... BOB F*CKING HAWKE! When a fan at the January 4 Australia vs. India cricket match handed the 82-year-old

The Carbrook Golf Course in Brisbane, Australia Has Shark Infested Waterhazards

Here are two videos of the sharks that live on Carbook Golf Course in Brisbane, Australia. Perhaps you remember when we first posted about it

Lynx Explains the Rules of Rugby In the Most Titillating Way Imaginable

Don't understand the rules of rugby? Well you suck you bloody, ignorant, fat-ass American! Fortunately, the Downunder Aussie's at Lynx -- who don't

Brittni Rippon’s Spread in Maxim Australia is a Feast for the Eyes

Move over Bobby Redford. There's apparently a new natural in town and she isn't a f*ckin' relic. I mean, you're great and all with

Watch Australian Surfers Battle Massive Winter Swells on Sydney’s Bronte Beach

Last week a low pressure system and cyclone caused huge swells all up and down Australia's east coast. Bronte Beach in Sydney remained one of

Yeah, This 18-Foot Saltwater Crocodile Will Ruin Your Day

This photo of Brutus the 18-foot saltw*ter crocodile comes via Australia's Adelaide River. It was yesterday's Telegraph picture of the day. How is the guy

Chill the F-Out with a Breathtaking Time Lapse Of the Australian Night Sky

Usually we try to keep things adrenalized and supercharged and more radioactive than a primordial, Big Bang isotope around here. However, sometimes -- especially after

What It Looks Like to Be 200 Meters Away from a Lightning Strike

This isn't in the same league as the harrowing footage from the recent Midwestern tornadoes, but it's a rather crazy encounter with nature that William

VIDEO: Body Boarding Down a Dam Looks Fun

Boogie boarding down a dam probably isn't the smartest thing in the world to do, but the sheer lunacy of the idea didn't stop borderline-insane

Australian ‘Today Show’ Hosts Talk About Having ‘Long Stabby Things’ and ‘Whacking Off’ On Air

All right, news broadcasters of Australia, we get it: You like to make suggestive innuendos on air. The running joke in this morning's "Today Show"

Australian Woman Douses Husband’s Pen*s with Gas, Lights it on Fire, Declares She Still Loves Him

A 46-year-old woman told an Australian court she loved her cheating husband so much that she set fire to his pen*s in order to stop