A Rare Goblin Shark Was Caught In Australia You Really Need To See This Freak Of Nature


The goblin shark is an extremely rare species that inhabits deep waters between 1,000 to 4,000 feet.


This Video Of A Giant Snake Getting #Rekt By A Spider Is Just Another Reason Not To Visit Australia


Australia is known for kangaroos, koalas, and a plethora of animals that can and will kill you.


The Gates To Hell Are In Australian Waters, And Currently Leaking Sharks Straight Out Of Horror Flicks


The gates to Hell are in Victorian waters off the coast of Australia, and they are currently leaking ancient and rare sharks so terrifying we can only assume they've been sent up from the fiery depths to collect the souls of wayward fishermen.


Redneck Tries To Chug A Beer In Front Of An Industrial Air Compressor, His Body Turns Into Iggy Pop’s


Two things you never do in life are wear your pants over your belly button and go topless if your skin has the elasticity of Iggy Pop's.

the 7th club

‘Social Club’ Requires Members To Have Big Dongs


Social clubs or as I like to call them, swingers clubs, offer a place for ambitious individuals to freely find willing lovers to have anonymous sex.

darts riot

Not Even An Oompa Loompa, Batman Or Robin Could Stop This Giant Riot At Darts Match


We take you Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia for the Darts Invitational Challenge.


Watching This Australian Game Show Contestant Get The World’s Easiest Question Wrong Will Make You Feel Like A Genius


Now I like to think of myself as a moderately intelligent person, but I got this question wrong too.

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