Watch This Bro Catch A Marlin Using Only Fishing Line And His Bare Fucking Hands


Here we see something straight out of Old Man And The Sea, we see a bro catch a ~250lb Black Marlin using only a handline in less than 8 minutes.

profane bird

This swearing Australian Cockatoo is my new spirit animal


It's settled, if I was reincarnated as an animal I'm certain I'd come back as a cockatoo.

using the c word

Aussie cleverly teaches his pet goat not to use the ‘c-word’


Gary the Goat is a bit of an Internet celebrity, and in this video we see him learning to not use the c-word, because apparently some people find it offensive.

western australia great shite

Only in Australia: Great white shark swallows adult sea lion and chokes to death


Only in Australia do we get to see footage of a great white shark eating and swallowing an adult sea lion, only to choke on it and wash up on shore two days later.

whales in australia

Dear surfers, this is why you don’t paddle too close to gigantic whales


A group of surfers from Sydney, Australia mistakenly thought it would be a good idea to paddle up to an enormous whale.


Gary the goat stars in the most Australian video you’ll ever see


I'm not certain, but I think the man narrating this video might be from Australia.

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