nickelback sucks

Australian Police Department Charge Nickelback With ‘Crimes Against Music’ In Best ‘Wanted’ Poster Ever


Nickelback, AKA Canada's skid mark, kicked off their “No Fixed Address Tour” in Brisbane, Queensland.


This Insane Australian Brawl Featured Flying Chairs And A Guy Almost Killed By A Food Tray


Hungry Jack's is a restaurant chain that is very popular in Australia.


Millions Of Spiders Rained Down From The Skies Of Australia, Completely Covering Homes In Webs And Spiders


Ian Watson, a resident of Golburn, Australia took to his town's community Facebook page to ask "Anyone else experiencing … millions of spiders falling from the sky right now.

dumbest criminals

This Is The Dumbest, Laziest Attempt At Stealing An ATM In History


As we've all learned from playing Heists in GTA 5, to pull off a successful larceny you need thorough planning, attention to detail and a good getaway driver.


No Rules, Just Right: Vicious Tackle Proves Rugby Is The Happy Medium Between NFL And WWE

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Let me start off by saying this: I know as much about rugby as I do about the British political system.


Tour De Fridge Is Australia’s Amazing All-Day Drinking & Bicycle Race Where 1,600 Beers Are Pounded By Contestants


The Tour De Fridge is Australia's version of the Tour de France bicycle race, with some major improvements.


Billowy Sky Penis Spotted Flying Over Australia—Because Some Clouds Actually DO Look Like Dongs


It's a well established phenomenon that the human brain wants to see clouds as penises, but that parents try and squash that part of imagination out of their children to prevent a lifetime of seeing dongs in the sky.


If You Bought Condoms From Groupon They May Have Holes, And You Might Be A Daddy, Congrats!


If you bought condoms from Groupon, number one, that's just weird, and number two, CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING A DADDY.


Australian Actor Shows Up To 4/20 Protest After Dude Gets Busted, Gives Must See Interview


Alex Romano is an Australian actor whose most recent IMDB credits list 'Jimmy the Junkie' from 'Housos vs.


Aussie Golfer Who Got Attacked By A Croc On The Course Is Either 100% Chill Or Full Of Morphine


For a man who just got bitten by a crocodile when trying to fetch his ball from a water hazard, Australian John Lahiff, 75, is about as chill as one man can be expected to seem.


Dad Gets Got In Prank Video Involving Water, Reacts Like A Drunken Aussie Pirate Who Just Lost His Wooden Leg


This whole 'I can make the quarter underneath the water bottle disappear' prank has taken off on YouTube like wild fire.


Aussie Fisherman Skips The Gym, Gets Jacked By Pulling In 13-Foot Tiger Shark On A Handline


Who needs the gym when mother nature will provide an even better workout.


Aussie Man Finds Gold Nugget Worth $141,000 After Wife Kicked Him To The Curb For Being A Curmudgeon


A couple in Australia reportedly got in an argument that ended with the wife sending her husband outside to work out his anger, and while kicking rocks in exile he stumbled upon a nugget of gold worth $141,000.


Australian Man Discovers A 6-Foot Python Inside His Box Of Cereal And NOPE!


Jarred Smith of Sydney, Australia was sitting down to eat the other day when he noticed something peculiar: a 6-and-a-half foot python curled up inside his box of cereal.

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