Austin Bro Has Next-Level Tinder Profile, Might Be Batman


First off, you don't have any proof that he's not Batman, so don't even begin to argue he isn't.

sigma chi

University Of Texas Sigma Chi Fight Night Raises $100,000 For Charity As Bros Knock Each Other Out In The Ring


The Sigma Chi's at UT have been holding an annual 'Fight Night' charity event since 1976, and in the 38th year of the event they've absolutely demolished the previous record for funds raised.


Someone Should Tell These Bros That A Starbucks In Austin Is No Place To Hold An Exorcism


I have so many questions here I don't even know where to begin.


TWC News In Austin Tweeted A Traffic Update Last Night. Just Kidding! They Posted Photos Of Guy’s Dicks Instead.


You would think that if you are using your work computer for storing tons of pornography (straight or gay) that you would be extra careful when operating, and posting photos to, your company's Twitter account.


Band plays concert in hospital room for fan who was severely injured in tragic SXSW crash


Despite being stuck in a hospital after getting severely injured from the irresponsible and ghastly actions of a drunk driver, SXSW concertgoer Mason Endres was able to hear one of her favorite bands play live for her.

woven house

In Austin For SXSW? Stop By the Woven House Tonight For Our NiceKicks.com Party


Tonight is night two at the Woven House at SXSW in Austin, TX and that means it's NiceKicks night.


101 Places to Get F*cked Up Before You Die: Austin, Texas


Editor's Note: The fine folks over at Matador Network just dropped a guidebook that isn’t full of tired, lame, or even BS travel information.


Austin 6th Street Brawl Ends In One Bro Being Knocked Out and Another Voluntarily Topless


Just once -- that's all I'm asking for -- I'd like a video to come through in which someone f*cking cold-cocks an idiot right while he's still trying to get his shirt over his head before a fight.

University of Texas

Sweet Tea Vodka and Cowgirl Boots Galore at the University of Texas Tailgate


Editor's Note: We were supposed to run this recap of our Fall Tailgate Tour stop in Austin about three weeks ago, but it got lost in the shuffle.


Austin Gangbanger Steals Cat After ‘Train Party’


Over the weekend Craigslist made headlines by shuttering its Adult Services section.

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