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You Have to Play with Yourself on Camera to Make This Week’s Hottie Index

It’s been a busy week for women on the internet, but we can only choose five for the Hottie Index. Honorable mentions go to Kate

Aubrey Plaza Wears a Bikini and Offers Dating Advice

Aubrey Plaza is everywhere this week in a passive publicity blitz for The To-Do List, which opens on Friday. She's talking about threesomes, she's talking about

Aubrey Plaza Tells Conan How She Had to Actually Masturbate on Camera for ‘The To Do List’

Completely out of nowhere and totally unprovoked, I suddenly have an urge to see The To Do List and I can't finger figure out why. 

Aubrey Plaza Describes Her Perfect Threesome and It’s Pretty Kinky

Yes, Jeff Goldblum is involved.

‘Parks and Recreation’ Star Aubrey Plaza Keeps This Bizarre Nude Painting in Her Dining Room

Aubrey Plaza is one of the most underrated stars of TV. She's funny, she's talented, and she's really cute in an aloof way.