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The 25 Sickest Toys Rich Athletes Have Bought

The rich are better than you and me. Socially better.

15 Athletes Who Got Paid Way Too Much Money

Albert Haynesworth. Forever and always.

22 Athletes Who Need to Stop Hanging Out With Justin Bieber

Because he sucks.

8 Strange Athlete Superstitions

Guess which baseball Bro once wore a yellow thong to break a slump?

Who Are the 12 Worst Athletes on Social Media?

You aren't so great yourself, you know.

The Lies Athletes Tell

How many times have we heard someone say "It's not about the money..."

What Athletes Eat Before They Compete

Back in the day, Charles Barkley want pounded two fish filet sandwiches before taking the hardwood. Bro move, Sir Charles.

11 Ex-Athletes Who Could Still Destroy You at the Gym

Brett Favre will never play another football game in his life. But he still trains harder than you, Bro...

The 25 Highest-Paid Athletes May Surprise You

Sexy infographic time!

18 Richest Athlete Contracts Ever

Being an athlete is great when you're making millions on top of millions.

Lolo Jones Went to the Beach and Took a Few Hot Selfies

Abs for days.

Creepiest Facial Hair in Sports

Athletes. They are monstrously ugly.

20 Most Awesome Perks of Being a Pro Athlete

There’s the salary. And the groupies. And the cars. And the personal friendships with Jay Z. And the OH MY […]

19 Most Notorious Non-PED Substance Abusers in Sports History

Note to bros: If you were hoping to find guys and gals like Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, and Marion Jones […]

The 13 Hardest Partying Athletes in the Game

Fact: If you party with John Daly, you may wake up in a sand bunker with no clue how you got there. 

Here’s a Supercut of Athletes and Coaches Being Pissed Off with the Media, Refs, EVERYONE

"Took long enough for someone to make this clown video, Bro." -Pissed off athlete

25 Funniest Athlete Freakouts in Sports History

Featuring plenty of Luis Suarez, John McEnroe, and violence toward mascots.

The Most Insane Things Done by Insane Athletes

John Daly doing an interview shirtless.... CLASSIC.... 

9 Athletes Who Did Terrible Things for Money

This is the ultimate list of guys who are only in the game for the money... 

Breaking: NFL Players Are Large

Players in the National Football League are big. Imagining them in an exit row seat of a commercial airliner or in a tiny compact car

50 Fascinating Facts About Famous Athletes

Fun fact: Rob Gronkowski trademarked the phrase "Yo soy fiesta," cause he is THE PARTY. 

21 Richest Athletes 25 and Under

Including Bro King Matthew Stafford. 

45 Athletes Who Have Been Immortalized By Cartoons

Michael’s prime is slam time ProStars, show stars Wayne’s hot slam shot Bo knows where to go ProStars, ProStars, all stars, ProStars... 

12 Athletes Who Got Suspended for Hilariously Dumb Things

It seems that we can't go a day without turning on the TV and seeing another athlete getting busted. Luckily, for fans tired of doping,

15 Pictures of Athletes That Made the Internet Freak Out

Pretty much everything Johnny Manziel and Rob Gronkowski have ever done. 

The 15 Funniest Athlete Celebration Dances

Celebrating in sports: Fans do it with a simple high five following a big play, or with one-too-many brews when their team wins a big

Stories of Athletes Stealing Each Other’s Girls

The minute someone gets complacent in their position is the minute some backstabbing jerk face is going to come in and steal his girl. Or

Watch a Sexy Pole Dancer Perform Some Crazy-Intense Hardcore Strength, Flex Moves

Pole dancing may have that particular connotation, but as any Vegas visitor knows well, top-of-the line pole dancing is essentially an artform--requiring a lot of

Kevin Durant Donates $1 Million to Oklahoma Disaster Relief Efforts

Kevin Durant just donated $1 million to the Oklahoma disaster relief fund. The Red Cross announced the more-than-generous effort via Twitter.

Adam Scott Might be the New ‘Bachelor’

My wife turned into the biggest golf fan in the world this weekend as Adam Scott played his way to a Masters championship. Something about

This Chick is Way Too Excited That Dwyane Wade Tweeted at Her

This is one of the more pathetic displays you’ll ever see. This chick is simply way too excited about capturing Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade’s

17 Things Athletes Do Solely to Look Cool

We all wish we could be professional athletes. They make millions, have millions of adoring fans and, let's face it, they look pretty cool.

March Wagness: Is Amanda Marcum the New Katherine Webb?

Could be. Should be?

27 Sports Figures Who Need to Drop the ‘Bro’ Act

For most guys, being called a "bro" is the ultimate sign of respect.When it comes to athletes and other sports figures being bros, it's a

Girl Rushes for 1,911 Yards, 35 TDs in a Youth Football League. The Highlights Are Even More Insane

Holy sh*t. 

These Are the Top 50 Highest Paid Players in the NBA

The surprises here are few and far between, especially given NBA salaries are generally well known and always available to the public. For the 2012-2013

You Can Be the World’s Greatest Rocker, Athlete or Movie Star: Who Ya Got?

Today's question: You are born a genetically superior human being, with a choice given to you early in life: You can one day be the world's biggest

When Olympians Aren’t Good Enough: A Supercut of Announcers Sh*tting on Athletes

What's better than watching supreme athletes do sh*t at a level most of us calzone-downing clowns could barely comprehend? Criticizing them to no end, of

Ryan Lochte’s Mom Knows Plenty About His One-Night Stands

Ryan Lochte has tried his hardest to supplant Michael Phelps as America’s favorite swimmer during the Olympics in London. This, of course, has made him

Here’s Every Sexy Female Olympic Athlete at London 2012

I'm American through and through, but I seem to have no trouble rooting for another country if there is an insanly hot chick in the