6 Iconic People Who Were Actually Complete Assholes


If you’ve ever looked up to a children’s author, athlete, or humanitarian actor, you have an idea of what you think that person is like when they aren’t in the public eye.


Jerk Paramedic Fired For Taking Selfies With Dying Patients, Captioning Them ‘Another Moron’ And ‘How I Hate My Job’

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There’s nothing quite like putting your trust in a healthcare professional just to have them turn around and call you a “moron” for being in the current predicament you’re in.


Grandmother Brought to Tears After Burger King Employee Labels Her ‘Bitch Ass Ho’


A Burger King employee had some very hurtful things to say about a customer recently.


Girls Are Assholes, a Hilarious Video about How Nice Guys Can’t Win


Nice guys finish last, especially in this new video from NOKAT Comedy.


16-year-old kid in ‘million dollar car’ is the worst person ever


Check out this 16-year-old kid yelling at another driver, bragging about his "million dollar car.


Today’s Reminder to Not Be An Asshole While Playing Sports


A 17-year-old playing in a recreational soccer league last week was upset about a yellow card.

The Masters

Will the ‘Ridonkulous’ Guy Make Another Appearance at the Masters Today?


If you also sat glued to your couch yesterday afternoon—for the record, my glue was conjured by obsessively following Tiger's ups and downs, lingering shots of Butler Cabin, and about 10 Bud Heavies—then you heard this guy.


The 16 biggest a–holes of 2012


Whatever you call them, here are the 16 individuals from all corners of the Earth who made 2012 a worse year than it needed to be.

The Library

How to be the quintessential asshole


The quintessential asshole is not easy to become.

you're an a hole

A Guide to the Drunk Crying Girl, One of Your Bar’s Worst Inhabitants


You know her and hate her as the Drunk Crying Girl, one of the most infamous species of bar-dwellers known to man.

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