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Grandmother Brought to Tears After Burger King Employee Labels Her ‘Bitch Ass Ho’

A Burger King employee had some very hurtful things to say about a customer recently.

How To Be A Dick At A Party

Ha. Like you need lessons. 

Girls Are Assholes, a Hilarious Video about How Nice Guys Can’t Win

Nice guys finish last, especially in this new video from NOKAT Comedy.

Today’s Reminder to Not Be An Asshole While Playing Sports

A 17-year-old playing in a recreational soccer league last week was upset about a yellow card. So, as the official was signaling the call, the

Will the ‘Ridonkulous’ Guy Make Another Appearance at the Masters Today?

If you also sat glued to your couch yesterday afternoon—for the record, my glue was conjured by obsessively following Tiger's ups and downs, lingering shots

A Guide to the Drunk Crying Girl, One of Your Bar’s Worst Inhabitants

You know her and hate her as the Drunk Crying Girl, one of the most infamous species of bar-dwellers known to man.