There’s Now A ‘Skin Book’ Made Of Synthetic Flesh For Aspiring Tattoo Artists To Practice In And WHOA


One of the biggest barriers to entry for aspiring tattoo artists it the fear of permanently ruining someone's skin by inking on some misshapen monstrosity, and rightfully so.


Artist On Instagram Is Drawing A Dong In A Weird Situation Every Day And It’s Called ‘Daily Dong Doodles’


A few weeks ago, a buddy told me about a little-known Instagram account he started following.


This Is A Portrait Of Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Painted In Poop — Feces Painting, So Steamy Right Now


There was a time in my life when I used to question why the world let people become famous for doing outrageous things.


This ‘Artist’ Is Stealing Other People’s Instagram Photos And Selling Them For $100K A Piece


Richard Prince, an "artist", has blown up a bunch of Instagram photos and put them on display in New York.


Don’t Fall For This Black Jesus Art Craigslist Ad, The Seller’s Just Using Black Jesus To Try And Get Laid


You should be skeptical of almost anything and everything you read about on the Internet, case in point: dailydot blogger gets catfished by man selling Texas' finest collection of Black Jesus Art on Craigslist.

weird japan

Woman Who Made A 3D Printed Canoe From Her Vagina Faces Two Years In Jail


Megumi Igarashi, an artist from Japan, is looking down the barrel of two years in jail because she created a canoe using a 3D printer shaped like her vagina.


This Model Made A Bronze Cast Of Her Anus–And You Can Too!


Alternative model 'Rayna Terror' thought it would be an excellent idea to have her chocolate starfish cast in bronze, and so she headed off to foggy London town to do just that.

robin lopez

Robin Lopez Keeps Drawing Portraits Of Famous Actresses


Portland Trail Blazers center Robin Lopez is a complex man.

fishing in China

Artist claims to love fishing—embarrassing pictures say otherwise


Here we see photos of a Chinese artist's interview, in which he gushed about his love and passion for fishing.


Can strapping a camera to a tire really be considered art?


I'd never crap on anyone's creativity or how they choose to express their voice in a creative and constructive artistic manner but.

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