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Ever Dream Of Helping Draw The World’s BIGGEST Dick? This Kickstarter Campaign Will Make Your Dreams Come True

You could probably put that on your resume'.

In Case You Were Wondering, 3-D Printing Your Vagina And Making It Into A Boat Is Illegal Over In Japan

Just a heads up if you were thinking about making pussy boats.

You’ll Never Look At Buzz Lightyear The Same After You See This Drawing

I actually had tears from laughing.

This Woman Makes Art By Squeezing Paint-Filled Eggs Out of Her Vagina

It seems like just yesterday I covered Vaginal Knitting and now we've got "PlopEgg Painting"

This Robot That Looks Like Lady Gaga Is the Most Terrifying Thing We’ve Ever Seen


Artist Imagines What Your Favorite Childhood Cartoons Would Look Like as Drug Addicts

Ever wonder what Hey Arnold would look like as a methhead? Or Doug Funnie as a smack junkie? Or whatever the […]

Pixar Artist Makes Amazing Children’s Book Illustrations of Classic R-Rated Movie Scenes

Josh Cooley is a storyboard artist at Pixar. He even has an IMDB profile to prove it. In his free […]

Check Out the Lifelike Sculpture of a Man In His Underwear Freaking Out an Entire College

The women of Wellesley College are pretty freaked out about a new sculpture titled “Sleepwalker” recently installed in busy spot […]

The 15 Best Drawings From a Spectacular Facebook Group Dedicated to Drawing D*cks on Newspapers

Fans of Superbad will remember Seth's "condition"—something like 8% of kids have it—which involved hours and hours of dick drawing as a kid. Australian co-workers

Jose Canseco is an Artist Now

Jose Canseco is a true renaissance man.

These Two Trolls Did a Great Job Showing How Ridiculous, Stupid Modern Art Galleries Are

What is art? 

Look at This 880-Pound Sculpture of a Cobra Made From Cow Feces

What’s that old adage? When life gives you cow shit, make a giant cobra? Yeah, that’s the one.

I Don’t Know Why You Wouldn’t Just Smoke This Portrait Of Snoop Dogg Made From Weed

Via Buzzfeed comes this dank piece of pop art by artist Jason Mecier. Remember in kindergarten when you used to make pictures by gluing uncooked macaroni to construction paper?

Zinedine Zidane’s Idiotic Headbutt Will Live Forever in Statue Form

French great Zinedine Zidane is one of the finest soccer players to ever grace the pitch. But all of his greatness hasn’t helped him from

Artist Tries Every Drug Imaginable, Draws Self-Portrait After Each

Bryan Lewis Saunders loves the dick out of making portraits of himself. He's artist's artist, if you will. And his collection is over 8,000 pieces

An Elderly Woman Took It Upon Herself to Restore an Historic Fresco, and This Was the Result

Two weeks ago, the granddaughter of Elias Garcia Martinez donated funds to a northeastern Spanish church with the hope of restoring the artist's 19th century

Crazed Fan Pays $1,500 for Drawing Done by Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck came to Indianapolis with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Replacing Peyton Manning is no easy task. As such, the quarterback

Here’s a Double-Decker Bus Doing Push-Ups

Yep, that’s exactly what it is. Inspiring.

Here’s a Giant Portrait of Anthony Davis Made Out of Cereal

There are starving people all over the world, but who gives a flying f*ck when excess food can be used to make a portrait of

Here’s a Statue of Robert Griffin III Made Out of Subway’s Smokehouse Barbecue Chicken

Subway has continued its unique tradition of crafting statues of the top NFL draft prospects out of meat. God, I love America. Here’s a giant

Graffiti Artist Set to Make an Estimated $200 Million with Facebook’s IPO

Everyone is talking about the Facebook IPO. There's so many questions that need answered: Who's gonna make money? Who's gonna lose money? Is it really

Watch Artist/Designer Eric Haze Design Custom Heineken Glasses

A few weeks back we received a lovely package from our boys at Heineken containing limited edition beer glasses designed by legendary street artist Eric

Here’s Rickie Fowler Painting a Jackson Pollock With Golf Balls

I have no idea what Rickie Fowler was trying to achieve with this publicity stunt for Puma, but here he is making Pollock-esque splatter paintings.