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Here’s What Breast Implants Stuffed With $2.5Mil Worth of Cocaine Look Like After They We’re Ripped Out of a Woman’s Chest

A woman with boobs made of cocaine has to be someone's fantasy, right?

Greg Oden Arrested, Accused of Punching His Ex-Girlfriend

Greg Oden was arrested early this morning in Lawrence, Ind. He has been booked on two preliminary charges — one […]

Claude Giroux Reportedly Arrested After Repeatedly Grabbing a Male Police Officer’s Butt

Rough night.

The Arrest Video of NFL Player Sam Montgomery is Kind of Messed Up

Former 3rd round pick of the Houston Texans and LSU standout, Sam Montgomery, was pulled over in South Carolina for […]

U.S Map Shows Top 50 Colleges with the Most Drug and Alcohol-Related Arrests

This either means these schools party hard or the campus cops are fucking dickbeards.

Florida Man Trick Daddy Arrested for Drug, Firearm Possession


72-Year-Old High School Teacher Caught Furiously Masturbating in School Hallway

Hot tip: don't pleasure yourself on school property, of any kind. Even driving school.

George Lopez Arrested for Public Intoxication After Passing Out on Casino Floor

He went all in.

Justin Bieber Looks Happy As Hell in His Mugshot

He does. He looks very happy. It could be the combined effects of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs or the knowledge that he can afford

Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder, Released by Patriots

Aaron Hernandez was arrested early this morning at his suburban Boston home and charged with the murder of his associate Odin Lloyd.

University of Florida Bro Trips on LSD, Claims to Be God, Asks Police to Chop His Penis Off

Best. Night. Ever. 

Man Interrupts His Own Masturbation to Play With Remote-Controlled Helicopter During Home Invasion

Take a bow, Florida. You've done it again, you magnificent motherfucker of a state. I don't... I don't even know why the rest of us

Reese Witherspoon Plays The Don’t-You-Know-Who-I-Am Card, Gets Arrested

Who knew "Sweet Home Alabama" could be so prophetic?

Watch a Dude Get Arrested for Jumping Over a Cop. Fair, or F*cked Up?

This reminds me a lot of when you're in a crowded bar and have to nudge someone in order to get to the area you

32 Spring Breakers Trash Million Dollar Florida Home, Get Taken Away in Shackles for Their Efforts

How do we know this so-called million dollar house wasn't a dump when they got there? For all we know these college kids improved the

Latrell Sprewell Arrested For Listening to Loud Music

Latrell Sprewell continues to live life to its fullest.

Drunk Bro Goes Absolutely Nuts in Back of Cop Car, Kicks Officer in Face, Gets Tased

This locomotive has gone off the FUCKING rails. Complete composure yard sale, right here. Spits on the officers, threatens to kill them, kicks a cop

Spicy Old Lady Thinks She Calls the Shots When Cop Pulls Her Over, Gets Arrested

I'm all for respecting your elders but this old bag got what was coming to her. Telling a cop to hurry up, or not doing

Notre Dame QB Tommy Rees Arrested After Confrontation With Police

Bad news for Notre Dame fans. Quarterback Tommy Rees was arrested and charged with a preliminary felony in South Bend early this morning after a

Two Bros Arrested for Setting Up Deadly ‘Hunger Games’ Traps on a Hiking Trail

For the longest time, I was certain no one was actually stupid enough to be influenced by violence or other questionable actions in a video

Top 10 Sports Teams With The Most Street Cred

  Over the last 25 years, some would argue that the privileged behavior of pro athletes has gotten completely out of hand. So much so that