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The ‘Arrested Development’ Cast On ‘Inside the Actor’s Studio’ Was Predictably Hilarious

With a new season and a movie on the way, the cast of Arrested Development sat down with Jimmy Lipton for Inside the Actor's Studio, here is most

Some Magnificent Bastard Has Real Life ‘ANUS TART’ License Plate from ‘Arrested Development’

If you've watched the new season of Arrested Development, you are obviously familiar with Tobias Fünke's license plate which is supposed

Bluthfighter is the Ass-Kicking ‘Arrested Development’ Fighting Game You Didn’t Know You Needed

Now that complete Arrested Development withdrawal has set in, we’re left to fill our days with tangential items that remind us of simpler, happier times

Netflix Wants Another Season of ‘Arrested Development’

Judging by a few conversations and chatter on Twitter, most bingers have finished the fourth season of Arrested Development by now. If you haven't seen

7 Arrested Development Themed Cocktails

How to imbibe like Lucille Bluth. 

100 Greatest Quotes from Arrested Development

"I'll never understand that you can never be nude? I understand more than you'll...never know." -Tobias, to George Michael

Blue Yourself with This Tremendous ‘Arrested Development’ Running Gag Supercut

Arrested Development Fever: In full swing. We're only five days away from it—a day when we'll all stick to the couches and plow through 15

Get Pumped For ‘Arrested Development’ by Watching George Sr.‘s Prison Highlights

Only a few days away, Bros. Well, more than a few days since no one will, or should, forgo any Memorial Day partying to watch

8 Truly Terrible TV Shows That Were On Air Longer Than ‘Arrested Development’

Arrested Development: Three (soon-to-be four) seasons. 7th Heaven: 11 seasons. Life is cruel. 

‘Arrested Development’s’ Tobias Fünke Has a Hilarious Audition Reel and Website

Oh, Tobias, you blowhard. This is funnier than the time you "blue yourself."

FINALLY, the Official ‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 Trailer Is Here!

The Bluth family is back! Cue "The Final Countdown!!!!" 

After waiting and waiting and waiting, Netflix finally threw the Internet a bone with the

Watch the First Clip from the New Season of ‘Arrested Development’

Arrested Development, which returns on May 26—that's a Sunday, so cancel your plans now—just released the first scene from its new season online over at

‘Arrested Development’ Will Officially Return in May


Will Arnett Informs Us Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter Will Be On New ‘Arrested Development’ Episodes

It just gets more difficult to wait patiently for this amazing show to come back into our lives.

‘Arrested Development’ New Season to Start Shooting Today, and God Said It Was Good

Terrific news that should please anyone who remembers "Franklin Comes Alive," master of disguise Gene Parmesan, and Mrs. Featherbottom: "Arrested Development" is back. Production begins

Office Farting, Sex in Your Friend’s Bed, And Movie Battle: ‘Arrested Development’ vs ‘Entourage’

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