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I Just Spoke On The Phone With Arnold Schwarzenegger, We Talked About Blowing Sh*t Up


Last week I post a video titled 'Arnold Schwarzenegger's Guide To Blowing Sh*t Up', which is EXACTLY what it sounds like.

arnold schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Guide To Blowing Sh*t Up’ Just Blew Up My Underpants, If You Know What I Mean


Don't be fooled by Omaze trying to extract donations from you at the end of this video, the good stuff here is watching Arnold Schwarzenegger blow stuff up in slow-mo HD using a rocket launcher.

the late late show

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Hilariously Act Out 17 Of His Iconic Movies In 6 Minutes


In March, James Corden had Tom Hanks on and they reenacted his iconic roles.


Newest WWE Rookie Makes Arnold Schwarzenegger Look Like A Dwarf In This Photo

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Last week, the WWE signed 26-year-old Australian bodybuilder Chris Atkins to a developmental deal.

terminator genisys

The New ‘Terminator Genisys’ Trailer Just Dropped In From The Future To Blow Your Head Off


Terminator Genisys has the whole Terminator series pretty much starting over from scratch except for one key element: Arnold Schwarzenegger as the T-800, aka The Terminator.

pumping iron

5 Reasons Every Bro Should Watch The Classic Documentary ‘Pumping Iron’


  Pumping Iron is an insider’s look into the world of bodybuilding in 1975.

best Arnold Schwarzenegger ever

Watch the best impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger ever for his 67th birthday


Every year on July 30th (Arnold Schwarzenegger's birthday), YouTuber Joe Gaudet sends him happy birthday wishes in the form of an impression.


Schwarzenegger beat up The Miz then went on ‘The Tonight Show’ to sell ‘The Choppa!’


Arnold Schwarzenegger brought back a little Major Dutch Schaefer from Predator last night to sell kitchen appliances from QVC on The Tonight Show.


Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Zero Fucks About Your Smoking Rules


Arnold Schwarzenegger paid a visit to the Facebook campus today, saying a warm "hello" to the folks at the social network.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tank video

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger run shit over with a tank…for charity


Arnold Schwarzenegger, because he's Arnold effing Schwarzenegger went and bought himself a tank.

web series

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Starring in a Web Series Where He Crushes Shit With His Tank


Over the past few months, Arnold Schwarzenegger has become a semi-regular poster on Reddit.

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