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Sylvester Stallone Tells Story of How His Hatred for Arnold Schwarzenegger Made Him Do ‘Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot’

Got to respect his thirst for competition.

What If Arnold Schwarzenegger Farted in All His Classic Scenes?

You'd have YouTube gold.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Did a Skit with Jimmy Fallon, Found a Way to Scream ‘Get to the Chopper’

Arnold Schwarzenegger continues to remain awesome.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Zero Fucks About Your Smoking Rules

Arnold Schwarzenegger paid a visit to the Facebook campus today, saying a warm "hello" to the folks at the social network. However, he wasn't particularly

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Starring in a Web Series Where He Crushes Shit With His Tank

Over the past few months, Arnold Schwarzenegger has become a semi-regular poster on Reddit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Has a New Show Where He Runs over Stuff in a Tank

That's it. That's the whole premise.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Made a Massive Sandwich with the ‘Epic Meal Time’ Crew

It's Arnold. On Epic Meal Time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranked People At Gold’s Gym In What Looks Like a Danny Trejo Disguise

Exactly zero people had to fall for this, right? Funny concept, but there is NO WAY anyone thought this was someone other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. After

Your 2014 Polar Vortex Spirit Animal Is This Supercut of Every Mr. Freeze Pun in ‘Batman & Robin’

Record low temperatures are about to hit all of America tonight. Get pumped for it with every pun Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered as Hugo Freeze in the

Here’s 30 Straight Minutes Arnold Schwarzenegger Wrecking Shit

Fun fact: Ah-nold has killed 509 people (and terminators) during his illustrious movie career. Here's every fucking one. It's a lot of violence!

Here’s the Trailer for ‘Sabotage,’ Starring a Still-Badass Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new movie coming out in which he plays a kindhearted ventriloquist looking for love in small South Dakota town. Just kidding.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Uploaded a Bunch of YouTube Videos Reciting His Most Iconic Movie Lines

Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently gets a ton of requests to say lines from his most iconic movie roles because Arnold Schwarzenegger pronounces words funny and people think

First Trailer for ‘Escape Plan’ Starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Escape Plan. The name alone tells you everything you need to know about this movie. And that is: It's probably going

Watch Will Sasso Do Tremendous Arnold Schwarzenegger Impressions While Driving Around

This supercut is pulled from Will Sasso's Vine profile. The former Mad TV star has spent the last few weeks there delivering 14 hilarious 5-second

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Apparently a Full-Time Redditor Now

Last night, some Redditor under the name "GovSchwarzenegger" went on R/fitness and posted a video with the caption "This inspired me, and I bet it

Seasoned Liars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pete Rose Offer Lance Armstrong Advice on ‘Extra’

The day is finally here, but thanks to Deadspin, even less people care about what Lance Armstrong is going to say to Oprah tonight. There

Arnold Schwarzenegger Did a Reddit AMA and Killed It

Sorry, sorry, it seems like we're highlighting these a lot around here lately. But this is too good to pass up.

Arnold Classic Bodybuilder Busts Out Hilariously Bad Fake Tan at Competition

At Arnold Schwarzenegger's Arnold Classic Europe bodybuilding championship in Madrid, Spain this weekend, Competitor 49 showed off what had to be the most unique look

Jon Stewart Hilariously Interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold is on his book tour and last night he hit the "Daily Show." The interview is far superior to the "60 Minutes" snoozefest, largely

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Interview on ‘60 Minutes’ Last Night

Celebrated body builder, movie star, politician, philanthropist and philanderer, Arnold Schwarzenegger sat down with "60 Minutes" to talk about his new autobiography "Total Recall: My

Watch ‘Arnold’s Blueprint,’ a ‘30 for 30’ Short Focusing on Schwarzenegger’s Physical Prowess

From the acclaimed directing duo of Michael and Jeff Zimbalist (The Two Escobars), we have a ten minute documentary that takes us inside the wild world

Check Out Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mercedes-Benz Monster Truck

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that along with numerous other things, this car gives Arnold "the feeling of cumming."  The

Here’s the Trailer of ‘The Last Stand,’ Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to the big screen as a leading man will take place in January, when “The Last Stand” will made sudden and loud

The Trailer for ‘The Expendables 2’ Has Finally Arrived

Along with it came this boner in my pants... I'm a sucker for over-the-top 1980s style action movies. The sear volume of death

Introducing the Bronanza: A Weekly Grab Bag of Internet Nonsense

Welcome to the Bronanza our new weekly treasure trove of random Internet goodness. The way this works is each week I'll post a menagerie of

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s DVD Commentary for ‘Total Recall’ is Absurdly Awesome

When this started, I seriously thought it was a parody. Schwarzenegger's not giving commentary so much as he is doing a play-by-play of

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child Dressed as Daddy Dearest for Halloween

I just tuned into TMZ for the Kardashian drama and this treasure caught my eye. It's Arnold's bastard boy dressed as Conan the Barbarian for

Remembering Arnold’s Antics: The Impregnator Goes to Booty-Shaking Bonanza in Brazil!

Back in late March, my man Vince at Film Drunk unearthed this nearly three decade-old gem of Arnold Schwarzenegger checking out the scene at Carnival

Arnold Schwarzenegger Fathered a Child With Former Member of Household Staff

Why roam when you can get it at home, right? In this instance, that isn't exactly a pro-fidelity message. It is, however, Arnold Schwarzenegger's credo

A Machine that Gives BJs (Video), Bree Olson in Playb*y, and Arnold Takes a Man-Trip

  Here are your Morning Headlines: Babes: Bree Olson will pose for Playboy. Finally, we have a place to see her completely nekked. [TMZ] Sports: Andrew Bynum slapped with