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You Will Not Look at Meghan Hardin’s Boobs In This Picture with Arnold Palmer at The Masters

Can Arnold Palmer possibly be more of a grandpa stud? What a Bro King.

Gary Player Told Story About the Time Arnold Palmer Took a Shit on a Putting Green This Morning

And he called the shit "POOP!"

Kate Upton Is On the December Cover of Golf Digest, My Life Is Now Complete

Kate Upton. As a Golf WAG. Needs to happen. Also, love the dedication of the cover shot to her dad and her brother. Knowing nothing of

Arnold Palmer Rode a Motorcycle With Wake Forest’s Mascot

Arnold Palmer rode in on a motorcycle with the Wake Forest mascot before yesterday’s football game. He is 84. He is also so, so, so,

Kate Upton Taught Arnold Palmer How to Putt

Arnold Palmer: golfer, course designer, ground-breaker in the science of refreshing beverages. And also? Close friend of Kate Upton's. The man has lived a life

Kate Upton Golfed With Arnold Palmer, And It Was Hot

Arnold Palmer turns 84 in a few weeks but his game is still ridiculously on point. He used his charm and guile on Kate Upton

Tiger Woods and Arnold Palmer Join Forces to Kick Ass in Incredible ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14’ Video

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf has been a staple in a Bro's life since as long as we can remember. This year EA sports is

Sergio Garcia’s Golf Ball Got Stuck In a Tree. Naturally, He Climbed the Tree to Play His Next Shot

Sergio Garcia has played a few weird shots at this week's Arnold Palmer Invitational. Yesterday, he tried and failed to hit a ball fully submerged

Arnold Palmer to Have Dinner with Kate Upton, Because Arnold Palmer’s Still Got It

Arnold Palmer has always had swag. You just don't become one of the greatest golfers ever—while never dropping that herky-jerky swing—if you don't have swag.

5 Things I Just Learned About ‘The Arnold Palmer,’ the Best Non-Alcoholic Drink Ever

Because every Bro in the world knows the Arnold Palmer is the best non-alcoholic drink of all time.