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Arkansas Frat Daddy’s Car Is A Trash Talking Masterpiece


Never mind the fact that the Arkansas Razorbacks football team is 14-23 since 2012, and are a perennial punching bag for every other SEC football team, this frat daddy from Arkansas is displaying his school pride for the whole world to see.

JaMario Bell

High School Dunker 1, Backboard 0


If there's anything more manly than shattering a basketball backboard, I am blissfully unaware of that activity.

Auburn fakest injury

Auburn with the fakest, fake injury you’ll see this year


Arkansas had momentum on their side and was on the verge of punching it in for a TD against Auburn.

College Football

Jen Bielema Has a Snout, Is Still Lovely


Arkansas coach Bret Bielema has an attractive wife named Jen.

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