Greatest ‘Goodwill’ Find Of All Time? Guy Buys Watch For $5.99 And Flips It For $35,000


A man in Phoenix is $34,994 richer after he found a rare 1959 Jaeger-LeCoultre diving watch at Goodwill on sale for a meager $5.


The Arizona Wildcats Dropped A Twitter Atomic Bomb On Oregon After Last Night’s Upset


To say that the this Duck Hunt tweet from the University of Arizona Athletics Department is a burn is waaaay too much of an understatement, it's a Twitter atomic bomb if I've ever seen one.

Hail Mary

Arizona beats Cal On A Last-Second, Game-Winning Hail Mary


It doesn't get much better than winning a game off a hail mary pass and that's what Arizona did last night.

arizona riot

Let’s Check In on the Lunatic at Arizona Who Walked Into Cops Firing Pepper Balls


One of the lasting images of Arizona's riot last night was a bro taking pepper ball shots to the chest.

Nerf Guns

Couple Arrested For Shooting Nerf Gun at a Fast Food Employee


An Missouri couple was arrested for shooting a Nerf gun at a fast food employee in a drive-thru.


92-Year-Old Woman Accused of Hit-and-Run Claims She Left Scene Because She Had… Diarrhea


An elderly women accused of leaving the scene of a hit-and-run is blaming her actions on a problem we are all used to: Really needing to take a shit.

slip n slide

Arizona Football Players Perfect Their Slip n’ Slide Form


Rich Rodriguez is having a lot of fun out in Arizona.

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