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Let’s Check In on the Lunatic at Arizona Who Walked Into Cops Firing Pepper Balls

One of the lasting images of Arizona's riot last night was a bro taking pepper ball shots to the chest.

West Region Breakdown: It’s Arizona and Everyone Else

Defense wins regions.

Arizona Coach Rich Rodriguez Made a “Speed” Parody Video and It’s Worth Your Time

Excellent work.

Couple Arrested For Shooting Nerf Gun at a Fast Food Employee

An Missouri couple was arrested for shooting a Nerf gun at a fast food employee in a drive-thru. Stephanie Winkler, […]

34-Year-Old Woman Caught Sleeping With Teenage Boy Jumps Out of Bedroom Window, Breaks Ankle

What do you get when you cross a sexual predator with a stupid criminal? You get the above woman, Keri Gonzalez, […]

92-Year-Old Woman Accused of Hit-and-Run Claims She Left Scene Because She Had… Diarrhea

An elderly women accused of leaving the scene of a hit-and-run is blaming her actions on a problem we are […]

Arizona Football Players Perfect Their Slip n’ Slide Form

Rich Rodriguez is having a lot of fun out in Arizona. He’s surrounded by one hell of a staff and has access to a Slip

How Badly Did Colorado Get Screwed Last Night?


A Video from University of Arizona SAE Jungle Party 2012

It feels like it's been quite a long time since we've posted a solid college party video. That's because it has, since all you college

Which States Have the Biggest Underage Drinking Problem?

You’re probably sitting there, wondering which states have the biggest high school drinking problems. Thank goodness for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, then,

Here’s the Arizona ‘Streaker’ Taking Off His Clothes And Getting Tackled By Security

Here it is, the video you've been waiting for all day. A video from the stands of last night's now-legendary Arizona ref streaker

Streaker Dressed As Ref Blows a Play Dead, Runs on the Field, and Causes a Brawl During Arizona-UCLA

What a prank of epic proportions in Tuscon! Right before the halftime of Arizona's blowout against UCLA, a student (probably?) dressed as a

86-Year-Old Man Loses Grip on Pruning Sheers, Escapes Disaster By Catching Them in His Eye-Socket

No imagine forgery here. That's Leroy Luetscher's x-ray from University Medical Center after he impaled himself with the gardening tool. Suffice to say, those f*cking

This is What It Looks Like When an Apocalyptic Dust Storm Devours Phoenix

The greater city of Phoenix experienced some sort of freaky, End-of-Times-esque dust cloud (known as a “habub”) that rolled out of the desert and pretty