arizona riot

Let’s Check In on the Lunatic at Arizona Who Walked Into Cops Firing Pepper Balls


One of the lasting images of Arizona's riot last night was a bro taking pepper ball shots to the chest.

Nerf Guns

Couple Arrested For Shooting Nerf Gun at a Fast Food Employee


An Missouri couple was arrested for shooting a Nerf gun at a fast food employee in a drive-thru.


92-Year-Old Woman Accused of Hit-and-Run Claims She Left Scene Because She Had… Diarrhea


An elderly women accused of leaving the scene of a hit-and-run is blaming her actions on a problem we are all used to: Really needing to take a shit.

slip n slide

Arizona Football Players Perfect Their Slip n’ Slide Form


Rich Rodriguez is having a lot of fun out in Arizona.

Ohio State buzzer beater

LaQuinton Ross sends Ohio State to Elite Eight with three-pointer


After a silly foul that allowed Arizona to tie it up, Ohio State's LaQuinton Ross redeemed himself with a dagger in the final seconds.

University of Arizona

A Video from University of Arizona SAE Jungle Party 2012


It feels like it's been quite a long time since we've posted a solid college party video.

underage drinking

Which States Have the Biggest Underage Drinking Problem?


You’re probably sitting there, wondering which states have the biggest high school drinking problems.