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Arizona State’s Copper Uniforms are Gorgeous


The Lovely Ladies of ASU’s AXO Sorority Sent Us Their New Pre-Rush Photo Shoot

Never change, hot girls. Never, ever, even consider making a change.

Cameron Ridley’s Layup at the Buzzer Gave Texas a Win, Devastated Arizona State’s Bench

The complexity of human emotion.

Is ASU’s Alpha Phi Sorority the Hottest Sorority in the Country? One Reader Thinks So

As if we all don’t regret not going to Arizona State already this prick has to send us video confirmation […]

Sig Ep at Arizona State Just Dropped the New Best Fraternity Rush Video You’ll Ever Watch

Big props to the Sig Ep brothers at Arizona State. They just dropped one of the craziest fraternity rush videos you’ll ever watch, […]

Arizona State Student Comes Up with Super Creative, Completely Idiotic Way to Sell Drugs

It's Finals Week, and even though you only really need a can-do spirit and these BITCHIN' inspirational videos, study drug sales are through the roof. ADHD-"afflicted" bros

HOT. SORORITY GIRLS. EVERYWHERE at Sigma Chi’s Halloween Party at ASU

I bet you went to a costume party for Halloween. I bet you dressed like Flavor Flav and things got weird at some point in the

Here’s Why Arizona State Is More Fun Than the Lame College You Go To

"Why didn't I go to ASU again?" -- Everyone who doesn't go to ASU, right now. 

Rate Arizona State’s ‘Flame’ Helmets for the ASU-Notre Dame Game

Fresh off defeating USC and bringing an end to Lane Kiffin's college football coaching career (...for now), Arizona State is hotter than Hansel right now.

Did An Arizona Congresswoman Do ‘The Shocker’ In a Photo with an Air Force Bro?

Do you guys know what "pitchforking" is? It's a hand gesture that supporters of Arizona State make as a show of support for the Sun

Pat Tillman Will Awesomely Lead Arizona State Out Before Every Game

Well, this is just all kinds of great: This year, Arizona State dedicated its football stadium's tunnel to former Sun Devil defensive back Pat Tillman as

A Bunch of PIKEs at Arizona State University Kicked a Sig Ep’s Ass, Leaving Him Hospitalized

Today in PIKEs doing PIKE things: A Sigma Phi Epsilon brother at Arizona State University is currently in the hospital after being allegedly attacked in an

857 Arrested at Arizona State During First Two Weekends of Fall Semester

Here’s ASU's weekend’s breakdown, via the Tempe PD: Total stops: 1,812 Total citations: 919 Total arrests: 486 Arrests for minors in possession of alcohol: 208 Total DUI arrests: 85 Calls for

ASU’s Overbooked Students Will Be Staying in a 4-Star Hotel

Let us all shed a tear now for the poor saps at Arizona State's downtown Phoenix campus, who were forced to move into a 4-star

Chinese Hotel Accidentally Coins Arizona State’s New Motto

The Arizona State basketball team is currently in China, soaking up the culture and bringing goodwill through sport. Things seem to be going smoothly, except

I’m Shmacked x Arizona State University, Halloween Weekend


ASU Senior Places Third in World Series of Poker Main Event, Wins $3.8 Million

Jake Balsiger probably has a lot of new friends in Tempe today. Vying to become the youngest World Series of Poker champion, the 21-year-old poli-sci

One-Legged Wrestler Anthony Robles Captures NCAA Championship

When the news broke this weekend that Arizona State's Anthony Robles, who was born with one leg, captured the NCAA Championship in the 127-pound wrestling